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Why You Should Build a Capsule Wardrobe & Here's How to Do It

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Maithy VuGuest Blogger
July 06, 2016 · 2.5k Views

The term capsule wardrobe was created in the 1970’s by London boutique owner Susie Faux. It is used to describe a small compilation of essential clothing pieces unlikely to go out of style. Since then, the idea has been developed by many internet fashionistas. For some, a capsule wardrobe is about collecting a set number of items, and only allowing that number of pieces in their closet. This would mean that in order to purchase a new article of clothing, they would have to rid of one. Others create capsule wardrobes based on season, collecting a few pieces for cold weather and a few for warm.

Source: Today

The great thing about a “capsule wardrobe” is you can devise your own version depending on your lifestyle. If a shopping addiction is your problem, a capsule wardrobe may be your way of making sure you limit the amount of items in your closet. For those on a budget, developing a capsule wardrobe could be getting your hands on those timeless pieces. My version of a capsule wardrobe not only consists of pieces I can use over the years, it contains things that can be worn in any weather.

I live in a place that can be a hundred degrees one day, and rain the next. Apparently, seasons are a mere suggestion here. My version of a capsule wardrobe is the 7 items that can be incorporated into multiple outfits any season. I’ll start by showing you the pieces themselves, and expand on how to use them later.

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1. The LBD

Source: Papaya Clothing

Let’s start with the basics. Everyone knows about the little black dress. You may have one in your closet already. Mine is one with no sleeves, and made with a light material so it can be worn in warm weather.  This will serve as your main piece for everything. (We’ll get there in a second.)

2. Loose sweater

Source: Nordstrom

This is a sweater that doesn’t hug your body, but rather hangs off it a little. You don’t want a super thick knit, or a thin one either. You want the nice middle ground that will keep you warm when it’s chilly, but won’t make you sweat in the sun. These are easy finds and don’t have to cost much.

3. Leggings or knit tights


Source: American Eagle Outfitters

I tend to go for basic colors like gray, black, or cream so I could pair them with any color.

4. Light blazer

Source: Swap

This is where a pop of color could come in. A silk or polyester blazer can keep you cool when it’s hot outside and warm when the office is pumping the A/C.

5. Long necklace

Source: Charming Charlie

I prefer gold, but you might be into silver. Whatever it is, it should be a necklace that hangs past your chest.

6. Heeled sandals

Source: DSW

Make sure to walk around the store with them on for fifteen minutes before buying, because these are the casual pair of shoes you will be wearing all. the. time. It’s that pair that works for running errands and a dressy night out. Mine are a pair of black Shirley Suede Demi-Wedge Sandals by Sam Edelman. It cost me $46, and was the best investment of my life.

7. Rain boots that aren’t “rain boots”

Source: Macy's

For a time period, I used to wear giant colorful rain boots whenever it rained. Sure they were cute when it was actually raining, but sometimes my weather prediction is wrong and I’m stomping around in 80 degree weather. So, I got myself a pair of boots that are waterproof, but won’t look silly if it’s not raining.  Mine are Cougar Royale Rain Boots, but choose whatever fits your sense of style.


With these 7 pieces, you can create numerous outfits. Here are 4 using just the pieces above:

1. Pieces used: black dress, sandals, necklace

2. Pieces used: black dress, blazer, sandals

3. Pieces used: black dress, blazer, leggings, boots

4. Pieces used: black dress, sweater, necklace, leggings, boots

Now, these are outfits only using the 7 pieces mentioned. We haven’t even gotten to the endless possibilities when combining them with other pieces of your closet! Pair the sweater with jeans and boots and you got a casual fall look. Use the blazer when you’re headed to a professional setting and the necklace whenever your outfit feels a little plain. No matter where you’re headed or what the weather, these essential items will be sure to provide a little convenience to your life.