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Win a $200 Walmart Gift Card from DealsPlus!

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November 28, 2016 · 3.8k Views

We bet it’s been a busy week for many bargain hunters but the last leg of holiday promotions for this month is not over yet! There are tons of Cyber Monday sale live right now and shoppers can expect them to last through Cyber Week with new web exclusive deals launching daily through the end of this week. As a matter of fact, Walmart has already launched their Cyber Week to offer you, even more, opportunities to save! You can head over to Walmart.com right now to access their Cyber Week online specials which will include deep discounts on a wide assortment of items.

To kick off Cyber Week, we’ve collaborated with Walmart to give shoppers a chance to win a $200 Walmart gift card! See more details below.

Walmart $200 Gift Card Cyber Week Giveaway


walmart giveaway

The Walmart Cyber Week $200 gift card giveaway will run from now through December 2, 2016. Everyone is welcome to participate and no purchase necessary! 

Walmart Cyber Week Deals

Walmart offers huge assortments of items on sale for Cyber Monday. Whether you're picking up a few extra stocking stuffers, still crossing off items on your Christmas shopping list or anything else, you'll find a few gems in their cyber sale. If you haven't yet, we recommend signing up for a free trial of Walmart ShippingPass to get free unlimited 2-day shipping for 30 days! That'll make online holiday shopping so much easier. You can check out a list of Walmart's top cyber deals here and spot some top offers we found below.


Top Walmart Cyber Week Deals

Happy shopping everyone! Tell us what you would spend your Walmart gift card on if you won in the comments below!

monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
alee1972Dec 05, 2016
i would buy presents for my 3 kids.
willy.wankaDec 04, 2016
I would buy presents for my 8 Grandbabies!
morecrazydealsDec 04, 2016
The LG TV is good but the price goes up
renachaiDec 03, 2016
I would buy a dining table set for two!
siibi007Dec 03, 2016
wow excellent giftcard giveaway from walmart for this yearend. Everyone have many plan for shopping. if am that luckyone :) would use it for a vaccum cleaner..all d verybest every one...have a happy year end......:)
mubeenal1Dec 02, 2016
I will buy more toys for my baby
GreatfulmomentsDec 02, 2016
I would use it for bikes for my 3 kids. That is what they are asking for from Santa. Thank you!
btrover77Dec 02, 2016
Towards a new laptop
NickattaxiDec 02, 2016
I will send it to my mother
BigglesworthDec 02, 2016
Groceries so I can plan a big Christmas dinner for a family gathering :)
Kjustice47Dec 02, 2016
I would buy the PS4 bundle for $249!
maiha6998Dec 02, 2016
I will buy more toys for my son.
csampson31Dec 02, 2016
I would get a Red Ryder BB Gun for my daughter, Call of Duty for myself, and the rest would go to diapers and baby food
xanga000Dec 02, 2016
Get presents for family
kudupudi.anithaDec 02, 2016
Will buy furniture
margorDec 02, 2016
want a pressure/multycooker
lavy_p78Dec 02, 2016
Wanted to buy birthday gift to my son
ivyulv0525Dec 02, 2016
If I win, I would like to get a PS4 for my husband..
ishanjust4u1Dec 02, 2016
I will buy Serta Big & Tall Memory Foam Massage Recliner with USB Charging
htabarezzDec 02, 2016
Xmas presents for everybody!
Princej92Dec 02, 2016
As most have stated, I would use the gift card to buy my family some Christmas presents. As a teacher, affording presents can be tough so this would make that burden a lot easier to handle. Thank you, DealsPlus.
KimberlynSDec 01, 2016
I'd get Christmas gifts a new mattress for my Son, a blender for my Daughter, and buy my Mother a well needed winter coat. With being short funds for gifts like most this would really come in handy. Thanks :)
dabshier74Dec 01, 2016
On Christmas toys for the kids.
c.latishaDec 01, 2016
Food n clothes
sweat_peasDec 01, 2016
I would buy a bunch of clothes and donate it to the homeless! Its a really cold winter.
aqualina56Dec 01, 2016
I would buy some Nerf toys for my 4 older grandsons and a baby toy for my youngest.
chanceuseDec 01, 2016
buy a 3D DS game system for the kid
abbynaverysmomDec 01, 2016
I would buy the InstaPot this would be so helpful & make life easier with homeschooling. Also I would buy gifts with the left over money for my Mom for Christmas.
HollyGuskiDec 01, 2016
I would be beyond grateful to use the $200 to buy our 4 amazing boys gifts for Christmas! Thank you for this very loving & generous chance!
Happy Holidays
joti67Dec 01, 2016
I would buy the Dyson DC33 Multifloor Bagless Upright Vacuum!
DynamoMikeDec 01, 2016
i would put it towards a new 4k TV. Walmart has some great deals going on !
ShivaNagaMalleswDec 01, 2016
I would buy Christmas gifts
kizanathamDec 01, 2016
My vaccum sweeper stopped working. With the $200 gift card, I will buy a new one. I will also buy one of these All Power Multipurpose Pressure cooker.
wildflower00Dec 01, 2016
I would buy a the KitchenAid Classic 4.5-Qt Stand Mixer, its been o my Christmas list for years and I still dont have one so I would buy my own
loretta.rochaDec 01, 2016
I would use the gift card to buy Christmas presents for my grandson whom we were given custody of in August, 2016. He would just love to see a Christmas tree full of gifts for him. He's 4 years old and this has been really hard on him. Thanks!
writejhDec 01, 2016
With a limited budget this would help tremendously with gifts for grandchild and children.
littlebirdxoDec 01, 2016
I would finish off my Christmas shopping.
nanuwinsNov 30, 2016
It would help get xmas gift for my kids!
JudyFred33Nov 30, 2016
I would buy Christmas gifts for my family.
paddy_engineerNov 30, 2016
Thank You DealsPlus for this opportunity. I would use this for buying healthy food and would do some charity.
bcarascoNov 30, 2016
I would go grocery shopping. Nothing beats being able to eat 😋
Pattycakes_65Nov 30, 2016
I would buy a new hutch for my good dishes
ambergut1283Nov 30, 2016
ambergut1283 I would help my neighbors who can not cook, with Christmas dinner.
ABlenderMomNov 30, 2016
I'd use it towards gifts for my sons schools angel tree to give more kids the chance to enjoy the holidays a little more.
savinsisterNov 30, 2016
I would buy christmas gifts for my grandchildren :)
Radhikakrishna.kunaNov 29, 2016
I wanna buys gifts to each n everyone of my family😊
miriama59Nov 29, 2016
I would buy toys for my grandchildren.
jasonsobczak299Nov 29, 2016
Christmas for children
angelina11Nov 29, 2016
If I win I would by me a portable tablet so I could do some school work on. I would also by my son a spider man scooter, he always wanted one. That would be great for the holidays coming up.
hlee99Nov 29, 2016
I would buy an espresso maker.
wizardewuNov 29, 2016
I would buy a vacuum cleaner. My old one needs to be replaced.
ChirpinKricketNov 29, 2016
I'd use it to help buy Christmas, clothes for my girls or groceries! Thanks so much for this opportunity...would B a huge blessing to win!
andrewislivingNov 29, 2016
We're going to need some new clothes for our baby girl soon, so we would get that!
chery.hancockNov 29, 2016
My 86 year old Moma a wheelchair
rmillercoupons69Nov 29, 2016
I would use it for groceries! Hope I win, we need it!
rshankaraNov 29, 2016
I'd use it to buy a nice Christmas gift for my daughter
BBSymmsNov 29, 2016
I'd buy pet supplies and food because I'm fostering 8 kittens and their injured Mama, ontop of my own cats and dog. So I'm going through alot of food and litter.
howard5906Nov 29, 2016
I would buy presents for children at the homeless shelter. I already sponsor 2 families for Christmas and I would be able to help more families.
cmybanhNov 29, 2016
I'd buy groceries, toys, clothes, battery....Happy Holidays to everyone! Thank you very much!
Niki4nuNov 29, 2016
This would help so much with the holidays and our holiday meal!! My daughter would love a Barbie dream house or the so hard to get Hatchimal. It would go a long way!! Thank you for the opportunity!!
babydjs_momNov 29, 2016
If I win this, it will go towards Christmas for our 3 children who are 13, 6 and 3! I would spend $50 on an XBox Gift Card for our 13 year old son. For our 6 and 3 year old daughters I would buy them matching Trolls 4 Piece Licensed Pajama Set, matching Dreamworks Trolls Zip Up Costume Hoodies, and the Dreamworks Trolls Boombox to share. They love Trolls, can you tell? I would put whatever is left over towards a Christmas dinner for my husband, myself, and our 3 children. Thank you so much for the chance to win.. this is an amazing opportunity and I hope we are blessed enough to win :) Thank you for your generosity, and good luck to all! Happy Holidays!!

jkprealtyNov 29, 2016
Feed my family
susitravlNov 29, 2016
I'd buy new blankets - mine are all 30 years old!!
mewzme2Nov 29, 2016
Well I would buy a set of dishes because they are all cracked. For real. A frying pan and a couple bed pillows. A couple frozen pizzas for my family that comes here on Sunday's.
Dina72Nov 29, 2016
I would buy groceries and some warm gloves for my husband!
siamgerlNov 29, 2016
I would put my GC towards household necessities and groceries.
slfordsmithNov 29, 2016
I would buy some heavier sheets and comforters for our house. Ours are old and now as effective anymore.
veronica.smith47Nov 29, 2016
I would really like to get a recliner for myself to help with mobility issues that I have
Thank you
techrob53gNov 28, 2016
For GC and groceries.
OrlandoRocksNov 28, 2016
I'd buy groceries cause I'm boring and don't need too much stuff
mefinkNov 28, 2016
It would go towards a new 4K TV.
Byrdy1999Nov 28, 2016
I would buy the xBox One system for my boys!
nataliessalinasNov 28, 2016
I would put this towards Christmas. I just got the news my daughter and son-in-law are expecting twins. My first grandchildren and I would definitely try and buy 2 bassinets and whatever else I can.
conz16Nov 28, 2016
I wouldn't pretend like I'd do anything special with it to get attention. I'd just buy Christmas gifts.
blackfootNov 28, 2016
I'd buy something for my son & mom and if anything was left over, I'd buy myself some thermals and warm socks to make this cold weather a lil' bit more bearable.
ankushgautamNov 28, 2016
i would buy and gift - gift cards
omegadoom13Nov 28, 2016
I would use the GC on groceries!
chanceuseNov 28, 2016
My nephew wants a 3D DS game system
jewelofgodNov 28, 2016
Would be great to win. I would tithe to the
Lord, and then buy some Christmas gifts for my husband and two sons.
sfarmsNov 28, 2016
Great deal!! Could use the money for groceries.
Nikkilynn1987Nov 28, 2016
I would use the gift card for my autistic 3 year old son's therapy sensory room. We are building him a safe space to play. It would be great to get him the stones to build a rock wall, a jumpolene to make a ball pit, a duvet cover for a DIY crashing pad, and maybe even some wood to build him an elevated platform. We are trying to get the room done for Christmas :-)
zachary2goNov 28, 2016
Home is where the heart is... would certainly put $200 to great use as I furnish my FIRST home!
sponNov 28, 2016
I'd buy a TV. it'll be 55" to replace our main TV. Of course i'll have to throw in some of my money too.
branieNov 28, 2016
A $200 gift card would be excellent and I would put it towards a iPad I think or leave apple altogether and explore other tablets!! Good luck everyone!😃

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