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Win a $500 Hotels.com Gift Card from DealsPlus!

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December 05, 2016 · 3k Views

It’s December already… time sure flies right? The hustle and bustle of Christmas holiday are in full swing with shoppers crossing off their gift list and travel plans left and right. Well, we’ll try to make things a little easier for one lucky DealsPlus member this holiday season! We’ve teamed up with Hotels.com to give away a $500 Hotels.com gift card. That’s more than enough to book one or two stays throughout Christmas and New Year's Eve. Travel plans can get stressful over the holidays, not to mention all the booking fees which are guaranteed through the roof around this time of the year. 

Booking with Hotels.com 
Hotels.com is basically a third-party hotel booking site that will help you track down a list of hotels within your price range for a specific location. This makes it way easier than having to sift through different hotels sites and run the comparison yourself! Plus, most rooms listed on Hotels.com are offered a discounted rate of up to 50% off so you’re guaranteed a deal every time (because who wants to pay full price right?).

Bonus Free Night for Every 10 Nights Collected
Their site is relatively easy to navigate and they host sales frequently for those planning a getaway or just on the lookout for a spontaneous adventure. If you’re planning to book with Hotels.com this holiday season, we recommend joining their free rewards program which is super simple to use. With the rewards, you’ll get a free night after collecting 10 nights and unlock secret prices which are exclusive to reward members. 

Before you book, find Hotels.com coupon discounts here and save another 5-10% off! 

$500 Hotels.com Giveaway 


Check out the $500 Hotels.com gift card giveaway above! Share with friends and family, everyone is free to participate and no purchase is necessary. The giveaway will run from now thru December 11, 2016. 

monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
artiffection55Dec 13, 2016
I simply want to vacation with my partner in Vancouver washington
metinee32Dec 12, 2016
I and my family would to go around Thailand.
calmondDec 11, 2016
I think I would use it for a trip to Charleston, SC....we've been wanting to go!
samplequeen2015Dec 11, 2016
I want to use it to go to Las Vegas I have never been and I want to go for my 35th Birthday!!😀🎂🍦🎈
hestarDec 11, 2016
I would goto Japan! Also,Nice pokemon song usage in ur bio ;P
chch8599Dec 11, 2016
I will travel to Las vegas!!!!!
Crystal1206Dec 10, 2016
If I were to win a $500 gift card, I would take my kids to the great wolf lodge.
josephboltzDec 10, 2016
If chosen as winner I would use the $500 Hotels.com gift card too take my mother to Los Angeles to visit my aunt.
jewettwendy5Dec 10, 2016
I would just take a few different staycations with my Husband of 25 years as we haven't been on a vacation in about 15 Years.
Ruroede5Dec 10, 2016
My family could travel to Atlanta and North Carolina to visit relatives we love and can't see every year. I would also use some of it to visit out of state colleges where my daughter is competing for scholarships in the spring,
rojitoDec 10, 2016
I would go to NYC!
bmwsavDec 09, 2016
I would go to Myrtle Beach South Carolina if I won a $500.00 gift card from Hotels.com
esplanadestarDec 09, 2016
I would love to go to Singapore! Cheers!
teresa_ayersDec 09, 2016
I would go to New York with my daughter. She has wanted to go for years. She is saving for this trip. I would love for her to make her dream come true.
flyarsocietyDec 09, 2016
If I won, I would go to Pismo Lighthouse Suites in San Luis Obispo, California. When I got married in May, I didn't have quite enough to take her there, but I know she wants to go. So I'd take her to Pismo Lighthouse Suites to enjoy our anniversary. That would be awesome! I hope I win! Thank you!
DianeBa53Dec 09, 2016
I would so love to go to a warm place like Orlando
chanceuseDec 09, 2016
I will go to New York
Tsparks626Dec 09, 2016
I would give the $500 gift card to my parents to go on a vacation for their 29th wedding anniversary that they will be celebrating on the 18th of this month.
Trevino2Dec 09, 2016
I would fly away to Aruba!
CathBradDec 09, 2016
Would love to take my Daughter on a much needed Mother/Daughter trip to Vegas Baby!!!
fedorakDec 09, 2016
I am going to Vegas so it would be great to win this prize.
Yahtzee27Dec 09, 2016
I'd go to Vegas. Never been there and I think it would be a blast.
mewzme2Dec 09, 2016
I would go to Clearwater FL and hang out with my sister. Have her show me the sights. I would love to go be with my sis.
CalliegraceDec 09, 2016
beardofwonderDec 09, 2016
Would take a nice vacation to San Diego or San Francisco.
dabshier74Dec 08, 2016
To the beach somewhere
MelSmith1981Dec 08, 2016
Hi, If I win I would go to Key West. Its been a life long dream of mine... Thanks for the chance
pennysanDec 08, 2016
New Orleans, La for Mardi Gras
foofo76Dec 08, 2016
chanceuseDec 08, 2016
Portland, OR
mitdavDec 08, 2016
Broadway NY!
sparky725CDec 08, 2016
I would go to Seattle WA. I haven't seen my mom in 12 years or my son in 3.
lizgroDec 08, 2016
San Francisco for this gal!
smithantonioDec 08, 2016
Would head to California!
sanrdonDec 08, 2016
Would love to take a trip. Anywhere
bhattakankshaDec 08, 2016
I would love to travel to Greece.. I have reached gold star status with hotels.com once because I stayed more than 30 days a year...in Singapore, Penang, Bangkok etc.. And have used it in Europe as well as in India.
markandrachel826Dec 08, 2016
soccernsaDec 08, 2016
I would love to head to Houston!
mgilbert56347Dec 08, 2016
I would go to somewhere warm like Miami
tamarabenDec 08, 2016
I would go to New Orleans to celebrate New Years!
Jrivera0224Dec 08, 2016
Broadway NY!!!
Sabala87Dec 07, 2016
Lake Tahoe!
umlugoDec 07, 2016
If I won the $500 gift card I would go to Los Angeles for my anniversary!! :)
DianeBa53Dec 07, 2016
I would love to go to ORLANDO!
tsui1988Dec 07, 2016
Theory85Dec 07, 2016
Lets go to JAPAN!!
btrover77Dec 07, 2016
Road trip! my favorite! Thanks
cquintoDec 07, 2016
I would use it on my 10 year anniversary trip to the west coast
JAldanaDec 07, 2016
I would like to go to San Francisco or New York.
sujeffreyDec 07, 2016
I always wanted to see New York!
Will1WayDec 07, 2016
I'd travel to Puerto Rico so my wife can visit her family.
kerry906Dec 07, 2016
I'd use it to travel the world. maybe South Africa first.
tammyshelton44Dec 07, 2016
I'll dream BIG... I would choose Paris!
barbaravinsonDec 07, 2016
Las Vegas is my choice!!
adp023Dec 06, 2016
Orlando, Florida and see Disney World!
yateslaura27615Dec 06, 2016
Orlando!!! Thank you!!
omegadoom13Dec 06, 2016
I'd go see the Grand Canyon!
lilahsheaDec 06, 2016
Very awesome! I'd love to go to Miami! =)
hlee99Dec 06, 2016
San Francisco
wizardewuDec 06, 2016
I want to visit New York City.
wildflower00Dec 06, 2016
I would love to be able to take my husband to someplace tropical for our 30th anniversary the Dominican sounds like a wonderful place
Irjas3287Dec 06, 2016
If I win I will use this money for our next trip. It would so wonderful to have this extra money to plan ahead our trip. Thanks for the chance
paula111Dec 06, 2016
I would love to surprise my daughter and nephew with trip to Disney
boosutDec 06, 2016
Somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico!
oh2batcDec 06, 2016
If I win, we're off to Phoenix to visit with our grandkids.
bcarascoDec 06, 2016
I'd go to SeaWorld with my family!
PCrutsDec 06, 2016
New Hampshire so my wife can see her family.
chanceuseDec 06, 2016
I will go to San Diego
sonyamorrisDec 06, 2016
I would stay at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground!
rockingsmoothDec 06, 2016
London with my beauty of a girlfriend ❤️
Byrdy1999Dec 06, 2016
I would love to take the kids to Toronto
CatchinfreebiesDec 06, 2016
I would go to North Carolina.
kayfledDec 06, 2016
Las Vegas
Niki4nuDec 06, 2016
I would take a little family vacation to sunny and warm Orlando.
SamSlavikDec 06, 2016
Denver. Mountain town in the winter!
zahra5Dec 06, 2016
Phnom Penh and Yangon
lifefowardDec 05, 2016
I would go to Washington because I would love to see the monuments.
carla9359Dec 05, 2016
Tampa, Florida to see my family or Nashville, TN as that has been on my "Bucket List" since I was a little girl.
branieDec 05, 2016
Hotels.com was my booking choice for my first Las Vegas trip many years ago, so Las Vegas would be on the short list of places I may visit.
Nicki13Dec 05, 2016
I have plans to meet my friend in Vegas next month for my birthday! That's what this would go to! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
smartshopper2Dec 05, 2016
Las Vegas. Thanks!
amanda_2010Dec 05, 2016
My son and I, along with a couple of friends, have an annual Dysfunctional Family Vacation and 2017 is to San Diego! This would be a great win for our trip!
Srini99vasDec 05, 2016
Want to celebrate my 10th year wedding anniversary at Miami
saurabh.youDec 05, 2016
want to celebrate anniversary in keywest
themoneyman1113Dec 05, 2016
West Coast here we come. Oregon and or Nevada specifically.
greysandDec 05, 2016
I'd stay at the Marina bay sands in Singapore.

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