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Win a Free Honor 8 Smartphone! | DealsPlus Giveaway

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September 14, 2016 · 3.2k Views

Hello readers!

We have an exciting collaboration with Newegg to giveaway the new Honor 8 phone. The Honor 8 phone was recently launched with a new sleek design and comes in three colors: black, blue and white. The new model is encased in a glass design with 3000 mAh battery, one of the highest battery capacity in the smartphone market! The Honor 8 features a brighter display with neat upgrades to the camera which includes hybrid auto-focus for sharper and clearer image as well as dual ISP for efficient photo processing. The phone will also include new security featurse like the 3D fingerprint (similar to iPhone).

You can check out more details and information on the phone below and follow a few simple steps to enter our Honor 8 phone giveaway. Two lucky winners will have a chance to win the new Honor 8 phone!


New Honor 8 Phone Giveaway brought to you by Newegg and DealsPlus

 Enter Giveaway Now

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About the Honor 8 Phone

fo da free.png

Price: $399.99
Colors: White, Blue and Black
See More Details at

For interested shoppers, the phone will be available in white and black for now but for those looking for the blue edition, that will come some time in October. An awesome bonus, for those ordering the Honor 8 phone, you’ll receive these items free with your purchase (limited time and while supplies last on Newegg only):

  • Free JBL Coach Headset 
  • Free Clear Case

Both freebie deals will be available while supplies last. 

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I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
galenvanSep 19, 2016
I could sure use a new phone. This is a great chance to find out what the buzz around Huawei has been about.
emeljay518Sep 19, 2016
Honor really is setting the bar high for cell phones. I will continue to buy there products. Don't sleep on them.
nalvarez2007Sep 19, 2016
I would love to get my hands on the Honor 8.
patricklim1638Sep 19, 2016
Looks like they are in the game. I bought the honor 5 for my mom and she love it a lot. Well build phone. Wish a lot of people know them.
sunny94087Sep 19, 2016
I want to give this Honor 8 smartphone a try.
sancantySep 19, 2016
I want!!!
JBKevin21Sep 19, 2016
AHHHH new phone!!!!
nxstevenSep 19, 2016
DealFreakOKCSep 19, 2016
I will love to win this one for my son.
cmarineSep 19, 2016
Time for another phone! Gave mines to my wife after she dumped hers in the pool by accident!
twilliams62Sep 19, 2016
This is a great product at a reasonable price. My phone has been dropped so many times!
( I have only 20% use of my hands) and I need a new phone so bad! The battery always seems
to die just when I need to take an important photo. I need a phone that is light and
easy to hold like this one. I take TONS of photos for business and pleasure and really appreciate
auto focus as my hands shake and blur photos all the time.

I really like this phone and hope you pick me because I really need a phone that has superior performance as this one seems to have.

Thank you for your consideration.
ccnpkidSep 19, 2016
Great giveaway from dealsplus. I am living with a dying Lumia 640 LTE and need a new phone soon. Wish I win this one :-)
paddy_engineerSep 19, 2016
You guys are awesome..! Keep rocking and making us smile..1
parr613Sep 19, 2016
Keep on doing what your doing👍😁🙂
flyarsocietySep 19, 2016
This phone looks awesome! Great quality camera, fingerprint scan, long lasting battery and a pretty cool design! It looks flawless!
RewstaaSep 19, 2016
Time for an upgrade!
Snow_sophiaSep 19, 2016
Huawei-Honor 8 Phone, pretty good
KencanepaSep 18, 2016
I really need a new phone mine is falling apart
nickntbSep 18, 2016
Really great giveaway. I am thinking of getting rid of my S7.
wonderwoman1969Sep 18, 2016
Please let me win. I never win anything. Luck be with me.
caprinotonySep 18, 2016
I am in. Wish to win.
larosaSep 18, 2016
fingers crossed!
sophee24Sep 18, 2016
I'm in! I never win anything but who knows
curtisluSep 18, 2016
Count me in!
marchmonSep 18, 2016
Looks great hope to win
Harringt0nSep 18, 2016
Looks nice. Hope to win.
shookl9Sep 18, 2016
Sweet phone! Thanks for the chance!
lalaboneSep 18, 2016
Great looking phone!!
adityakalyanSep 18, 2016
Looks nice. I had honor6 and honor5x in my family...both are really good phones
cowvinSep 18, 2016
Wow, that is one good looking phone
ayvamusicSep 18, 2016
I'd love to win this giveaway. I've had the unlucky streak of entering giveaways, but I can't seem to be the lucky one who wins. Maybe my luck will change? 😊
Good luck to all!
chahalnavySep 18, 2016
dealsplus is a great site and i love they are giving a giveaway for their visitors, i love to participate. thanks dealsplus+
dealshop90Sep 18, 2016
I would to win the new iphone... fingers crossed
stevetheimpactSep 18, 2016
I would love to win. I have an Honor X5 right now and I love it!
x2ruff4uSep 18, 2016
Love you guys! Good luck to everyone :)
nadendlatejuSep 18, 2016
Great program. Thanks for giving me an oppty to participate.
MycatlovesmeSep 18, 2016
I could really use this!!!
emilyjin8Sep 17, 2016
Nice Phone!! I would love to have a change to win one!!
longtight2000Sep 17, 2016
Looks like a very nice phone. Thanks for the chance to win one!
lisbeth0526Sep 17, 2016
Thank you for this amazing chance to win the phone
DataPathSep 17, 2016
My wife is due for a replacement phone.
ArvinwSep 17, 2016
LOL, I have been using Honor 7 for a year. It's very good on camera.
scottfiSep 17, 2016
Nice Phone
cremesoda34Sep 17, 2016
This would be amazing to win such an amazing phone. Thanks so very much for the chance :)
TehRogerSep 17, 2016
Nice phone! Thanks for the giveaway!
ccnpkidSep 17, 2016
Great giveaway offer. Thanks DealsPlus
poe601Sep 17, 2016
Nice giveaway, especially with the bonus gifts. Would love to see an Apple watch giveaway too!
kittymeisterSep 17, 2016
good luck everyone! haha ;) im using a s2 so hope i get one
jobehrSep 17, 2016
Very sleek looking phone!
jaynedyeSep 17, 2016
Temping to look into for purchase. Fascinating to think of a possible give away new phone.
AnnYoshSep 17, 2016
I love giveaways and what a good looking phone!
art132Sep 17, 2016
Never heard of this phone but it's time for a new one for my hubby.
ervinbSep 17, 2016
great phone..
MowildfireSep 17, 2016
Great little giveaway
shakiyeSep 17, 2016
I love this phone , I like dealsplus .i got the deal at correct time . thanks for the post
livebetterSep 17, 2016
I love the dealsplus website and open it every morning to see what deals there are for the day. Thank you for the great deals & coupons!
ahyttsSep 16, 2016
Seems like a pretty great phone
Rpfpbg94Sep 16, 2016
bklivewireSep 16, 2016
Hope I win!!
bcarascoSep 16, 2016
I'd like to win!
commapenSep 16, 2016
This phone looks splendid!
mnaveen_bplSep 16, 2016
This phone looks great, love the name Honor!!
e_layco98Sep 16, 2016
I love the look of it, it's very elegant! I am hoping that I am one of the lucky ones to win it :-)
umamahesh2uSep 16, 2016
Honor phone looks great. Lucky enough to win it.
cjgt222Sep 16, 2016
Thanks Dealsplus. One of the better phone out there, thanks!
spmanySep 16, 2016
My husband does not have a cell phone but really needs to learn to use one. Would love for him to have this one. I love Deaplsplus although I have just started using it.
prakashmba05Sep 16, 2016
Looks like great phone. Would be great to win.
happeejackeeSep 16, 2016
This looks like a great phone!
dpsweepSep 16, 2016
thanks! would be great to win
richdmzSep 16, 2016
Thanks for the chance!
shankersajjanSep 16, 2016
I love such new to dealsplus and always check it to get some awesome deals..Thank you DEALSPLUS.
kutingSep 15, 2016
i want one! :)
omegadoom13Sep 15, 2016
Awesome! Thanks for the chance!!
sa1018chiSep 15, 2016
i want it.
i am a new register.
jdkccSep 15, 2016
max1221Sep 15, 2016
dealsplus 24/7
lalosey64Sep 15, 2016
This phone looks like one of the sleekest and user-friendly phones I have seen! Good Luck to All!
amalhaddad14227Sep 15, 2016
Honor 8, sounds great!
michelle150Sep 15, 2016
alan1966Sep 15, 2016
it is avery good phone i hope i win it . very good offer thanks to you
gogilavananSep 15, 2016
I just watched a YouTube review a few days ago on the Honor 8. I thoroughly think this is the phone I've been looking fir. I would be "honored" to own one. Thanks !
GonzopirateSep 15, 2016
I just watched a YouTube review a few days ago on the Honor 8. I thoroughly think this is the phone I've been looking fir. I would be "honored" to own one. Thanks !
screamingkartsSep 15, 2016
Has real value to money. Send me one !
ranibane0309Sep 15, 2016
Read about this phone the other day and it seems it s a nice phone with great specs and a decent price! Thanks for doing a giveaway for this new kid on the block! hoping to get one through it
Scoobydoo1983Sep 15, 2016
Fingers Crossed!!
shielalsSep 15, 2016
COOL phone!! i have a Huawei Honor 5x phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shawnpmillerSep 15, 2016
Always up for trying a new phone.
lschliemann1Sep 15, 2016
Please - pick me!!
CouponsdeeSep 15, 2016
Pooh, this is me for sure
nlbutlersSep 14, 2016
Would love to win
ashleydempseySep 14, 2016
Great collab!
ironfoxSep 14, 2016
Good deal
faisalkhan91Sep 14, 2016
In the market for a new one anyways, why not this, sign me up.
prashantverma999Sep 14, 2016
drc813Sep 14, 2016
DealsPlus >
Harry88Sep 14, 2016
Sweet deal!
jlivings7Sep 14, 2016
Perfect timing. Thanks dealspl!
shomewhereSep 14, 2016
Cool phone...
shomewhereSep 14, 2016
I want one!!
dealgeekieSep 14, 2016
Very nice looking phone with fantastic specs. I'd be HONORed to receive one!
mdcarattiniSep 14, 2016
arun008Sep 14, 2016
Would love to try out android :)
Cyssan4uSep 14, 2016
Never won anything ! Here is my honorary try nevertheless for honor 8 !!
hlee99Sep 14, 2016
I need a new phone. My old one doesn't work that well any more.
miguelsanchez82Sep 14, 2016
Come to Daddy Honor 8!!!!!
wizardewuSep 14, 2016
Looks like a great phone.
Lynnlin629Sep 14, 2016
great deal
yongli1002003Sep 14, 2016
Good deal
psploveSep 14, 2016
Who well be the next one? Good luck to everyone.........
abkunceSep 14, 2016
Would love to win!!! Had such bad luck for awhile need a positive thing now!!
choudhurybasharulSep 14, 2016
Can it be mine? Good luck to all of us!!! and advanced thanks to NewEgg
roosterredSep 14, 2016
I have used a couple of deals from seal plus and I have saved a ton!!!
lynnannxSep 14, 2016
I recently found deals plus and love it!! I love great deals and this website is so much fun!! Thankyou deals plus
Kbers_shaoSep 14, 2016
I am a Chinese student live in New York and want to use Honor 8.
gowtham20Sep 14, 2016
dealsplus is always best
manfred912Sep 14, 2016
Thanks dealsplus, got a lot of good deals. Thanks for the chance for honor.
saleagoSep 14, 2016
Sweet! This is nice. Would love a nice new phone! Thanks for the chance.
nali476Sep 14, 2016
Good luck to everyone....including me 😂
blackfootSep 14, 2016
I could use a cell phone.
x2ruff4uSep 14, 2016
Good luck to everyone! Would love this for my wife! Love you guys!
smallz409Sep 14, 2016
For sure i'll win this!
Suraj29Sep 14, 2016
Hope I win :D
mpawlickiSep 14, 2016
Good luck to me!
newguySep 14, 2016
Hope I win this time :)
lifefowardSep 14, 2016
DexterousSep 14, 2016
Looking forward to it
Ortegaa3Sep 14, 2016
Deals plus save me a lot of money.
themoneyman1113Sep 14, 2016
Cool. Thanks
big_gulpsSep 14, 2016
Huawei FTW. how do i win?
sum4every1Sep 14, 2016

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