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Win a The Children's Place $500 Gift Card Giveaway from DealsPlus!

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September 20, 2016 · 4.9k Views

The holidays are fast approaching and we have another amazing giveaway collaboration in store for you! We partnered with leading children’s clothing retailer, The Children’s Place, to giveaway a $500 gift card to one lucky winner! We all know how pricey children clothes can get, especially since they grow out of them so quickly! Read on to find out more details on how to enter this giveaway. No purchase necessary.


The Children’s Place $500 Gift Card Giveaway from The Children's Place & DealsPlus


From September 20 through September 26, all DealsPlus members and friends will have the opportunity to win a free The Children’s Place gift card valued at $500. 

We will announce and reach out directly to the winner on Monday September 26 so stay tuned!

If you’re looking for deals and gift this season, The Children’s Place rolls out savings very week so you can always check back to for affordable styles to shop from on their homepage. To get even better savings on your order, don’t forget to use The Children’s Place coupons for up to an extra 20% off your purchase. (Usually stackable on top of already reduced prices).

If you're shopping at The Children's Place soon, don't miss out on these top offers happening this week:

 Extra 50-70% Off The Children's Place Clearance Event
 $7 & Under Graphic Tees for Kids
 $10 & Up All Basic Denim

The Children’s Place is has already previewed their upcoming holiday collection and cold weather essentials, so check it out at Place Shops now! If you’re a new online shopper, you can sign up for their emails and that will easily bag you an extra $10 off.

To the lucky future winner, we hope you enjoy this gift card and to everyone, check back on DealsPlus blog or homepage as we continue launching fresh giveaways for the holiday season. We look forward to reading up on what you'll spend your gift card on!

monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
qijiyangSep 26, 2017
jennychangSep 27, 2016
If I win this card, I will buy the dresses my daughter loves right away. She will be excited!
nayserradaSep 26, 2016
Oh wow!! This i s a great opportunity to be a winner! ! I would like to spend this magnificent prize in clothes to my son and nephew. I will love it.. :)
ptreesaSep 26, 2016
This would be the 2nd best surprise today if I won this since I just found out that I am pregnant!!! If I won this, I would head to the wonderful Children's Place and get the nest ready for the jr to arrive! :)
jvargas121489Sep 26, 2016
Good luck to all :)
BcsayresSep 26, 2016
I have been shopping at Children's Place for a very long time. I shop there for all of my kids, age range; 4 years old to 12 years old. They have so many amazing options! If I won I would by my kids; new shoes, socks, underwater, and school clothes. I have the graphic T's that are available. Thanks so very much for the chance!
Briellez16Sep 26, 2016
I would buy my daughter and my niece's all winter clothes my daughter definitely needs fall and winter clothes as a single mom times are tough so this would be a true blessing
yarbr012Sep 26, 2016
I would use the gift card to buy my niece a whole new wardrobe!
grandma5Sep 26, 2016
Thanks Dealsplus! Children's Place is a great place to shop!
grandma5Sep 26, 2016
Love the Free Shipping offer going on right now!
Nortiz71Sep 26, 2016
gaylenegSep 26, 2016
What a wonderful way to share clothing for a needy family from Children's Place!
SammychanSep 26, 2016
I bought at The Children's Place last weekend. My daughter really love the children's place. I hope i won the children's place give card.Because my daughter's birthday coming soon. I will buy new clothes for her. Thank u.
lexyzmom914Sep 26, 2016
I loved shopping at The Children's Place for my children and now I love shopping there for my grandbabies! If I win this gift card, they'll be spoiled rotten this Christmas with new clothes for next year!
sathyagiSep 26, 2016
I've two nieces who loves The Children's Place. The price and the quality is great. It would be awesome to win this gift to purchase a bunch of lovely clothes.
reviewsmallSep 26, 2016
I would buy warm weather clothes for my kids. If I win, I'll be the super lucky mama. Thank you for the FABulous giveaway!
marla_kuceraSep 26, 2016
hi! :) i would outfit my 8 nieces and nephews. :)
barbara_olchakSep 26, 2016
I have grandchildren, nieces and nephews that I shape for at The Children's place pretty much weekly. Love love love your products and prices!!!
sdcaudle03Sep 26, 2016
This would be absolutely perfect! I was just talking to my husband this morning about getting our 5 and 4 year old some fall/winter clothes. This would be a godsend!
jadg58Sep 26, 2016
It is almost Christmas time and I have 3 grandkids. I would get them all some nice outfits for Christmas and one even has a birthday just before Christmas. That would help me out a lot.
katbentzSep 26, 2016
I have two beautiful granddaughters age 8 and age 4. $500 would help my son and his wife out so much if I could let my granddaughters go crazy picking out clothes.
bachotaSep 26, 2016
Our church works with a lot of underprivileged children in a very poor neighborhood . We would decide what family needed it the most and take them shopping with the card.
emmelou79Sep 26, 2016
My girls need leggings for fall & winter...I wonder if they have any fleece lined leggings?
tantemindySep 26, 2016
Fall/Winter clothes from my 6 year old son. He LOVES children's place pants and shirts. And of course fuzzy jammies!!!!
LaceyM0mmaSep 26, 2016
I would buy fall & winter clothes,shoes & accessories for my 2 little girls! They would be so thrilled!! =)
apina74Sep 26, 2016
my 2 year old daughter would be all set for fall and winter. she loves the children's place, so $500 would go a long way in keeping her warm and stylish!! I would love to win this for her
hcooleySep 26, 2016
I would buy matching shirts for my girl scouts troop!
renachaiSep 26, 2016
I would buy gifts for all my nephews and nieces!
jasfieldsSep 26, 2016
The children's place carries adorable clothing for children. It would be amazing to win.
LuvtoDream86Sep 26, 2016
If I am lucky enought to win this wonderful prize, I would buy my youngest son a new wardrobe. I'd buy him several pairs of the Boys Playground Pants and the Boys Chino Pants. I'd also get my son a bunch of the long sleeve graphic tees, the Boys Long Sleeve Colorblock 3-In-1 Jacket and the Boys Plaid Snow Boot. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!
flyarsocietySep 25, 2016
I would do wonders with this $500 gift card! :) I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters back home. Ages 6, 7, 9, and 10. They go to a private school that my parents can just barely afford to have them attend... so naturally, all of the other kids at their school are able to afford much more clothing than they can. They typically don't get alot of new school clothes. But If I won this $500 gift card, I would take them on a shopping spree so they can buy the clothes that they really need for the school year. Each child would have $125 to spend each to go find their own personality and style! This would be awesome!!! I would be big brother of the YEAR!! I hope i win!
shimisiSep 25, 2016
Should I win, I'd spend the prize on Baby's upcoming birthday outfit, holiday dress, socks, shoes and winter clothes. I would also buy extra blankets to leave in the car (for the colder months around the corner). Then the rest would be for the next complete set of clothes, ie. For when Baby sizes up! : )
shimisiSep 25, 2016
P.s. The "shop now" button is leading to an error page.
AcaroneSep 25, 2016
Which "shop now" button are you referring to?
AcaroneSep 26, 2016
Ah, I see now :), thanks!
shimisiSep 26, 2016
Oops. Sorry wasn't able to reply right away. Glad you found it. Looks fixed now. :)
Spencer35Sep 25, 2016
I would buy the girls new winter clothes!
lkjoffreSep 25, 2016
My only daughter just had a baby girl, and I would buy everything she wanted for her!!!!!!
kaylachristopherSep 25, 2016
I just found out my daughter in law is prego and so I would buy that baby all kids of the cutest clothes and all that they would need!!!! So happy!!!!!
abbynaverysmomSep 25, 2016
I would buy my daughter some new jeans & take her on a shopping spree. Also I've had several friends who's children's birthdays coming up! Plus with this size of a gift card donate some clothes to our clothing closet at church. Thank you for the chance!
Suzieqr76Sep 25, 2016
Since my hubby just lost work, I would get a whole new wardrobe for our 2yr old son and also buy a few outfits for my niece as well. This is awesome. Thanks foe chance
fah218Sep 25, 2016
I will buy my grandbabies some winter clothes they definitely need them. I would get the boys long sleeved solid hooded parka jacket and the toddler 3 in 1 jacket. Thanks for the chance to win.
MichellenBrookeSep 25, 2016
Wow DEALSPLUS+ what an amazing giveaway! If selected I would buy my daughter, 3 nieces, and nephew a set of the Unisex Kids Long Sleeve Holiday Colorblock Stripe One-Piece. Next I would buy several of these Girls Long Sleeve Printed Hooded 3-In-1 Jackets/Boys Long Sleeve Colorblock 3-In-1 Jacket along with Winter Hats like the Girls '#Love' Heart Pom Pom Beanie & the
Boys 'Awesome' Striped Pom Pom Beanie to donate to a coat drive in SE Portland for underprivileged boys and girls in desperate need of warm articles of clothing. Finally I would spend the rest on a foster child from our local giving tree as we do each year. THANKS for all the great coupons and sale alerts!
khowe1Sep 24, 2016
Thank you so much for the chance! This would be amazing for my family! With such great prices and sales, I'm sure we could make this last and get some spring and summer clothes for next year too. :) Here are some of our favorites that my daughter and I picked out from the Children's Place Website:

Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Printed Hooded 3-In-I Jacket (LOVE That this is 3 in 1)
Toddler Girls Printed Snow Overalls
Toddler Girls Dot Print Snow Boot
Toddler Girls Long Sleeve 'Sparkle Like A Princess' Metallic Dot Printed Mesh Tutu
Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Fair Isle Hooded Sweater Dress
Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Embellished 'Get Your Sparkle On' Glitter Mesh Dress
Toddler Girls Long Sleeve Solid Ruffle Peplum Top
Toddler Girls Elbow Sleeve Heart Print Tunic Top And Solid Leggings Set
Toddler Girls Glitter Emma Desert Boot
Toddler Girls 3D Bow Faux Fur Chalet Boot
Toddler Girls Glitter Low-Rise Twirl Sneaker
Toddler Girls Dot Print 3-In-1 Mittens
Toddler Girls Heart Print Briefs 7-Pack
Toddler Girls Mixed Print Turn-Cuff Socks 6-Pack
jvargas121489Sep 24, 2016
My 3 brats could use some winter items for sure, they are just growing so fast.
TCP has nice styles we love there graphic tees especially when they are sale for $4 that's when we stock up :)
Byrdy1999Sep 24, 2016
I would love to get some winter clothes for my 4 boys. They grow so fast and the little guys are so hard on their clothes!
Irjas3287Sep 24, 2016
OMG! This would be a good blessing for my family. My twins are in need of winter clothes and this would help me a lot to buy them some outfits . Thanks for the chance
tsmiller2013Sep 24, 2016
OM Gosh !! I have 4 grandkids under the age of 10 that would benefit if mawmaw won the $ 500 shopping spree !!
Pattycakes_65Sep 24, 2016
I would buy clothes for my Grand daughter
Krish28Sep 24, 2016
I would go on a shopping spree at the Children's place for my daughter and her cousins.
DiamondmarieSep 24, 2016
I have 5 kids but 3 who can where Children's place cloths. I would split the amount among the 3 of them and I know for a fact they will be grateful. As they say once you lose something you learn to appreciate things. They are so content that they don't mind used clothes as we go through our hardship. So I know this will put a smile on there face.I would buy them pants, colar shirts, and socks for the winter.
AgamjotsinghSep 23, 2016
I have new born baby boy if I win I would I like to buy sweet dresses for him nd for my daughter too thanks for this beautiful chance
calticcoSep 23, 2016
I'm posting for the contest! My friend really deserves a break, so I'm posting for her!!! If anyone is meant to receive this giveaway, it's her! So please, if you there's a method-pick Her/my post for the $500 giveaway-I have no doubt there will be any regret-if anything, you find out why I'm saying it's the least she deserves- want to give her more than that! So, not sure how it works-but God willing, pick her! I would buy everything needed for her two boys (6 months and 2&1/2)
btrover77Sep 23, 2016
Thanks. I will buy clothes for my son.
Bears6791Sep 23, 2016
Thanks for the chance! I would buy winter clothes for my children!
missysmom3Sep 23, 2016
I would buy new jeans, halloween print shirts coats, dresses for my nieces :) Thank you for the chance!
csouthSep 23, 2016
My little guy needs shoes and fall clothes and pjs. But I would also buy for my friend that always is having a hard time with being a single mama! An me and her have the same age boy! I love the children's place such adorable clothes! What a great giveaway!!
FrescasMomSep 23, 2016
This would be a huge savings for me. I'd buy for my daughter, nieces and nephew. Being a single parent, the holidays can really be tough on the wallet. A $500 shopping spree with be a wonderful pre-Santa gift for everyone.
sonyamorrisSep 23, 2016
I would get clothes for my two smallest ones!
soccernsaSep 23, 2016
My 6 year old loves The Children't Place. We would have such a fun time shopping for a new school wardrobe together. :)
kiki2laiSep 23, 2016
oh boy to win this would be so awesome! God knows this would be such a blessing in my life right about now. my almost 18 month old son that i dubbed steak & potatoes needs a fall/winter wardrobe. knowing that the children's place has a one store shop where i can get everything to cover him from the top of his head to the sole of his feet and everything in between!??! i love the children's place! i been shopping here since 2000, the birth of my 1st child til now, the birth of my last(for now?!!?) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!
darchienaSep 23, 2016
i would buy clothes on childrensplace for my 6 child and they would be so happy with it. thanks in advance
calmondSep 22, 2016
I would get lots of cute girl clothes for my best friend's 7 year old twin girls! :)
Christine.mediciSep 22, 2016
I run a public housing program that has a very small family housing component. There are 9 children in the complex and I would give each a gift and then buy my own two children an outfit that is not on sale, because I always make them wait until something is marked down. They hate waiting!!
KEILAKIRKSep 22, 2016
I have two nieces who live out of state with their father (my brother). This'll definitely help him since they just started school.
Lanie2013Sep 22, 2016
We just got 2 new grandbabies this year! So much to buy, but this would really help out 2 new mothers! Love to shop the Children's Place.
chaitanyamuvvaSep 22, 2016
Would buy clothes for my kids as well for the needy
marialarosierSep 22, 2016
Oh wow that's is great I want to win this...😍😍
SivakumaranSep 22, 2016
Good deal!
StephentwonSep 22, 2016
Would be super grateful if I got this to get my growing child some much needed clothes
loretta.rochaSep 22, 2016
The Children's Place is the only place that I can find clothes for my grandson. He is small and petite and has a small waist and the jean at the store fit him perfect. I would love to go on a shopping spree with him at The Children's Place.
smithantonioSep 22, 2016
I would gift it to my friend's daughter who is in need of some new clothes :)
eswright18Sep 22, 2016
I would buy winter clothes for my granddaughter.
sr_rajniSep 22, 2016
Clothes....clothes...more clothes for my two girls.....
mooluvspoohSep 22, 2016
My older sister has 4 girls and she loves to match them in the cutest outfits from ya'll's store. Now I have 2 little girls of my own and am really enjoying dressing them alike!
nancyvmerSep 22, 2016
I would buy some clothes and shoes for my 3 daughters, they are 5, 4, and a 3 yr old in november, and i would also buy something for my nieces and nephews, i have 13 :) i always tell my girls sharing is caring, that way they all feel like they won, they love giving just like i do, thank you by the way, thats a great deed
jonbowensSep 22, 2016
I'd split it between my two kids.
msoups99Sep 22, 2016
I'd give the gift card to my half brother - just turned 6 last week!
pmikaleahSep 21, 2016
Winter clothes for my baby girl!
SuperduperdealsSep 21, 2016
If we win, we will donate 400 dollars and we would shop with remaining 100 for our son
Cheronna58Sep 21, 2016
I have 12 granchildren to buy Christmas gifts for.. my husband has been out of work because he had a stroke.. This would be a big help for us Thank you
mytwolil1Sep 21, 2016
My kids would love to have a gift,were they can shop,especially with the holidays coming up, with us relocating from another state.seeing the joy on their face will be priceless..
roxanasmartinSep 21, 2016
The holidays are around the corner and I would like to buy some clothes and other stuff to my 2 year old granddaughter
RgreenpcSep 21, 2016
I'd love to take my kids on a shipping spree
branieSep 21, 2016
Timing is great. Holidays are right around the corner. My nieces & nephews would have some new outfits. The may not be so happy but there parents will. 😊
ceesavithaSep 21, 2016
Buy clothes for all the 9 kids in my family
KattycolladoSep 21, 2016
Buy clohts for school and Christmas shopping
lifefowardSep 21, 2016
Lscrogham9Sep 21, 2016
I would buy my kids clothes for Christmas.
BudgetkeeperSep 21, 2016
With this card, I could have the pleasure of giving cool clothes to all my nieces or nephews this Christmas. And I would be so grateful .
NellysgSep 21, 2016
I would buy my 2 children a whole season wardrobe they desperately need.
mariadale3Sep 20, 2016
I would buy my Grandkids winter clothes, cause they all are gonna need them. I could give them as Christmas presents, since SS Disability doesn't go very far.
ccntxSep 20, 2016
i would buy around 10 pants 30 shirts and some shoes some socks id stock up for christmas o heavens he would be so surpirsed
aqualina56Sep 20, 2016
I would buy jeans and a shirts for all my 5 grandsons!
juquitamartin27Sep 20, 2016
With my family being in a financial crisis right now I could really use the $500 gift card to purchase all of my daughter and great niece fall and winter attire. It would really help my husband and I out a great deal !!!
larosaSep 20, 2016
I would spend it on niece !
FibroMomSep 20, 2016
Grand-kids will have a HUGE Christmas with this great prize!
sexy_blonde_911Sep 20, 2016
What I would do with a 500$ gift card for children's place :)
I would buy my girls all new clothes cuz they grow way to past
MamaJJ81Sep 20, 2016
Oh how that would help us out so much! Our son is so hard on his clothes, and we need clothes for my baby, she's 2 but wears 3T - 5T, it's hard to find things that fit her just right. I have received a few things from friends from your business and we have loved them! Durable clothing and it's hard to afford them all the time!
themoneyman1113Sep 20, 2016
$500 would be great. I have a few little ones I would take on a shopping spree as my eye for girls clothes is not as cool as I want it to be!! :--) My god-daughter/niece in particular is a little diva so she MUST pick out her outfits. Good luck everyone.
kara.booneSep 20, 2016
First of all, thank you for the opportunity to win a $500 dollar gift card. If I won, I would buy my brother in law and sister in law's children some clothes because over the past couple of months, my sister was diagnosed with cancer, both of them lost their jobs and their home. The children are having to wear clothes from last year. Also, I have a three month old and I would buy him some clothes for the winter.
lesaann65Sep 20, 2016
Use it on my 2 granddaughters
jennijSep 20, 2016
I would spend it on my nieces & nephews!
shaylamckinzieSep 20, 2016
This would be a huge help for our 3 kids. We are needing to buy winter clothing soon. Thanks for the opportunity.
ssasekSep 20, 2016
This would be a perfect start to my 6 month olds new closet!! I love Children's Place clothing and it's so affordable!
Niki4nuSep 20, 2016
Thanks for the opportunity! I would buy my growing daughter clothing. Perfect time to stock up on cold weather clothing.
linzzzSep 20, 2016
I would like to dress up my baby with different character and style and post on blogs. Thanks.
NupurgSep 20, 2016
I would shop for my baby as she is just 1 and outgrowing clothes quickly next really need a baby monitor and a new car seat and also save some for winter wear next year. This would be a big help
ladylisa50Sep 20, 2016
I would buy clothes from baby to 7 years old for my neighbor who doesn't have much with 5 kids!!
saramindaSep 20, 2016
I would go crazy in the baby department!
bcarascoSep 20, 2016
I would stock up on clothes for my kids!
mewzme2Sep 20, 2016
I would buy outerwear for all my nieces and nephews and watch them smile.
MrHortonSep 20, 2016
I would stock up on winter clothes for my daughter. Can't have enough clothes for the snow.
Ldstarr18Sep 20, 2016
I would buy all my nieces and nephews amazing clothes for Christmas
clcolantuonoSep 20, 2016
Love 💙Love 💚Love💛 Dressing up my son in the new trending clothes from The Children's Place. They have such great prices!!! I would ❤️ to shop shop like cRaZy!!!!!😝😝😝
srilaxmi45Sep 20, 2016
I wanna see my kids like heroes with children's place dresses..and also likes to fill other parent's dreams who r in need!
Ortegaa3Sep 20, 2016
If I won I give it to my little baby girl. For her birthday coming.
walserk34Sep 20, 2016
Love Children's Place cheapest place for kids clothing !!!
csampson31Sep 20, 2016
If I won I would be a little greedy and use a chunk of it for new winter clothes for my 2 baby girls. My 18 month old is in 3t already and growing out quickly and my 3 month old is already out growing all of our 9 month clothes. I would also use at least half of it to buy clothes for my cousin. She has a 2 month old and isn't doing great financially and could use a little more help.

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