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Win a $100 Gift Card from Spirit Halloween!

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October 10, 2016 · 4.4k Views

Spirit Halloween Giveaway

It’s Halloween month! We’re so excited to introduce the first-ever collaboration with one of the leading Halloween costumes retailer, Spirit Halloween to offer two DealsPlus readers a chance to win a $100 gift card (each). Halloween costumes can get pricey FAST so we want to help you out and give you a chance to snag a free costume (or 2 or 3…) with this Halloween giveaway!

In our previous giveaways, we offered holiday prizes from brands like Toys R Us and Babies R Us ($200 value prizes) and even gave away two free Honor 8 smartphone to two lucky DealsPlus readers. This year, we’ve partnered with several top holiday brands so you can earn some sweet savings to make your holiday shopping experience better. We’re running a giveaway nearly every week from now through early December, just check back on DealsPlus homepage, DealsPlus Blog or follow us on  Twitter or  Facebook and get notified when new giveaways are starting!


halloween giveaway


Spirit Halloween will be offering 2 lucky winners the chance to win a $100 gift card (each) with no strings attached and no purchase necessary. All readers are welcome to enter the giveaway, just follow a few quick steps. Click on the giveaway image or link above and follow the directions down that page and you’ll be entered into our giveaway in no time. 

The giveaway will run from October 10 thru October 16, 2016 (ends at midnight PDT).

Halloween Sales & Deals

There are only 21 days till Halloween! For those shopping for Halloween costumes now, don't forget to use these coupon codes valid at Spirit Halloween to save on your costume order.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? What would you use your gift card on if you won? We’re interested to know! Let us know in the comments below and good luck to all!

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monster1991 profile picture
I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Couponing is my real test, to cut them is my cause. I will travel across the land, searching far and wide. Each store to understand, the discounts that's inside.
SHCLuciaOct 16, 2016
This year, I'm going to be Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz!" ^_^ One of my stuffed animals will be my little puppy dog, Toto! :)
cdhaboltOct 16, 2016
I would love to use this gift card to buy my sons' costumes!
squishybearOct 16, 2016
We are so happy we got to talk with you
uradealstoolOct 15, 2016
My boys are going to be Captain America and Spider Man because they love the Avengers. If I got the gift card I would have to be the Hulk and make my wife go as Black Widow or Scarlet Witch. Happy Halloween!
yadi25castOct 14, 2016
I'm going to be stay puft because I'm pregnant, my son a ghostbuster, and my husband slimer
etiiksOct 14, 2016
I really want to decorate my house with spooky items. Here we go!!!
Byrdy1999Oct 14, 2016
I'm going to be a chef, my boys are undecided, so I would use this gift card on them
slfordsmithOct 14, 2016
I am going to be a graham cracker and my kiddo a Hersheypark bar! I'd love to use this a buy her costume!!
achennieOct 13, 2016
With the giftcard I would buy my welfare clients' children (from work) Halloween costumes and some candy! I guess I should be Santa Clause this year!
hlee99Oct 13, 2016
I haven't decided what I will wear - maybe a Viking or a knight
wizardewuOct 13, 2016
I would buy a medieval ladies costume.
loripurseyOct 13, 2016
I would purchase a pirate costume with my giftcard.
cravedravesOct 13, 2016
A Zombie...I would use my gift card towards the purchase of family zombie costumes.
Ldstarr18Oct 13, 2016
I don't know yet....always last minute choice
mzstraderOct 13, 2016
This year I'm actually dressing up and going to a party so a sexy pirate or Dory haven't decided yet, lol
Briellez16Oct 12, 2016
This year my daughter who is 3 is being a pirate while I am going to be a homemade treasure chest to go along with her costume ! If I won I would spend it towards my costume which take a little effort and dedication :)
frm1mom2anotherOct 12, 2016
I already have the kids costumes (2 teens and a infant) that set we way over budget =( But we got invited to a couples Adults only costume party & I would love to go to my first one! So I would use the card to buy me & the hubs a costume to rock at an ACTUAL adult party! No kids allowed, sounds like a dream! No one pinch me please =)
Niki4nuOct 12, 2016
This would help out with a new costume for my daughter and some Halloween decorations. My daughter wants to be a zombie princess this year. Thanks for the opportunity!!
tamconrocksOct 12, 2016
Judy hoppes from zootopia!
belindacollins76Oct 12, 2016
I would buy my 4 yr old her Halloween costume, she wants to be a butterfly. I would also buy more outside decorations for our front yard. Me and my husband just purchase Halloween animations from the Hamden store. Absolutely love this store...
Jane83Oct 11, 2016
My daughter wants a katniss costume and I would get Mickey Mouse for my baby
win2016Oct 11, 2016
We have a family Wonderland theme going on and I have helped everyone put together his or her costume, except I don't have one yet. I think I'd spend my gift card to get something fitting, like maybe the White Queen, or the White Rabbit. :) Also, we love to "Boo" our neighbors, so I'd get some fun festive Halloween gifts to drop off for them. Thanks for the contest!
btrover77Oct 11, 2016
This is awesome thanks!
vmrbluz30Oct 11, 2016
Halloween is the best fun I've had over the past few years. I havent figured out exactly what I want to be just yet but I always buy from Spirit yearly and look forward to do so again. Oh and winning a gift card would be awesome to help with those funds!!!
katbentzOct 11, 2016
We have two Halloween parties to go to, we need a great couples costume
cmbryant30Oct 10, 2016
I have seven kids-the possibilities are endless!! They usually don't get real costumes because of how much 7 would be retail:)
puppyshy82Oct 10, 2016
Thanks, I can't wait.
raquel32Oct 10, 2016
I would buy one of the big scary animated figures for my front porch!! I Already found the one I want but not sure I want to pay $229 for it so if I won the $100 giftcard I would definitley buy it!
FibroMomOct 10, 2016
I would buy tons of cute outfits for my new doggie who loves dressing up! :)
kre93Oct 10, 2016
I want to get a fun couples costume to wear with my husband!

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