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World’s Best Boss: A Gift Guide for Employee Appreciation Day

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March 06, 2014 · 1.6k Views

The first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day. This March, give your employees something to say, “Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done” without breaking your business’s budget. Here are some things that you might want to consider for subtle, business-savvy gifts for those who work for you.

Single-Cup Coffee Maker

Update the old drip coffee maker in your employee’s break room with a single-cup coffee maker. These machines never have the problem of a pot of day-old coffee left behind because each pod makes just enough coffee for one employee. Because of this, these machines have a wider range of drink options you can offer those who work for you including regular, flavored and decaf coffees and teas. One of these machines designed for the high use of a break room is the Keurig K155 OfficePro. This machine works with Keurig’s K-cups, 12 of which are included when you order this $250 machine direct from Keurig. This machine lets you change the amount of coffee you get from each pod, up to four cups, and it has a clear, digital display that can be programmed for Spanish, English or French.

Box of Applause

Let your employees give themselves a round of applause whenever they want by offering each of them an applause box, like this one from Signals. This version costs $25, and it is best if you have only a few employees in your company. When this decorative wooden box is opened, the sounds of cheers and clapping come out. It’s like a music box that offers encouragement instead of music. With it, you can tell your employees that you applaud their work.

Candy Bouquet

Instead of a large bouquet of flowers for the break room for your employees, get them a large bouquet of candy. It’s a decorative twist on an office candy bowl that will satisfy the sweet teeth of your employees. These artfully arranged gifts contain wrapped, brand-name candies that are organized in a vase or other container to resemble a flower bouquet. The All Smiles bouquet from Candy Blast includes smiley faces all over the wrapping to let your employees know that their work efforts are appreciated. You can order this bouquet for between $38 and $59, depending on the size, but there are also many other candy bouquets available.

Desk Toys

If you have a lot of employees, consider small desk toys for each of them. These low-cost, compact toys like magnetic sculptures and Galileo thermometers can be found at places like Office Playground. These particular desk toys cost between $8 and $9 each, but prices for desk gadgets and gizmos can range from $2 up to $30. Not only will your employees get a gift that lets them know you thank them for their efforts, but these desk toys also convey that you want to help make their work environment as enjoyable as possible.


Instead of bringing your employees a basic breakfast of doughnuts or bagels and juice, kick it up a bit by offering them breakfast tacos, kolaches or a pastry tray with assorted treats. These better breakfast options will get your employee appreciation day off to a good start. Look for these treats at your local pastry shop or breakfast take away location, but you can also find pastries online like a tray of 45 gourmet mini-croissants from Williams-Sonoma for $75.

Don’t forget to make those who work for you feel appreciated on Employee Appreciation Day.


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