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Wow! How to Score $99 Flights to Europe

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January 13, 2016 · 2.2k Views

What can fly, save you money, and is purple all over?

WOW Airlines’ majestic purple fleet of airplanes, of course!

WOW Air’s royal purple-colored fleet has been operating since 2011, and has been flying passengers from the U.S. to Europe for astonishingly low prices since 2014. With the success of departure points in Boston, Montreal, Toronto and Washington D.C., CEO Skúli Mogensen decided to expand the availability of cheap flights to Europe to two California airports.

Travelers can now fly to Europe for an affordable price from San Francisco and Los Angeles airports. No exaggerations here, when we say affordable, we really mean it – one-way flights starting at $99 to be exact!

Competitive low prices like this can be accessed by booking a one-way flight to one of several available European destinations by way of Iceland. To clear things up, passengers can fly one-way to Iceland for $99. If you would like to continue on to another European destination like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin or Copenhagen, prices will start at $149, which is still very inexpensive. If low prices aren’t enough to excite you, flights from California will be serviced by brand new wide-body airplanes, the first of its kind to be added to the WOW Airlines fleet.

WOW Air Route Map 2016

Sound too good to be true? Wondering what the catch is?

If you’re a budget traveler, there really is no catch. It’s those who enjoy the complimentary luxuries of more expensive airlines who may be slightly disappointed. Passengers flying on Wow Air will have to pay extra for amenities like food and beverages, extra legroom, seat selection, and any additional luggage. This small detail isn’t so bad though, as many airlines have already jumped ship on free additional luggage, anyways.

Although flights won’t begin taking off until this Summer, you can soothe the travel bug in you and start planning your dreamy Euro trip right now by purchasing tickets in advance.

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Competitors are shaking in their boots as WOW Air introduces the lowest prices around on fares from the US West Coast to Europe. This move may just secure the ultra-low-cost airline’s position as the number one leader in budget airfare.

Other budget airlines like Spirit Airlines and Ryanair will not only have to compete with low prices, but also flight capacity. WOW Air’s new wide-body A330-300 aircraft will host a capacity of 342 passengers. If you’re wondering, that’s over 100 more paying customers per flight than Spirit and Ryan.

This year’s California addition will allow WOW Air’s annual passenger capacity to more than double in 2016, to over 1.8 million.

If cheap flights are your thing, and you’re looking to travel sooner than Summer 2016, you can find some really great travel and flight deals on the DealsPlus Travel Tuesday round up, updated every Tuesday with ongoing offers available throughout the week.


by Nikki Sunshine
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I'm Florida native who relocated to California in 2014. When I am not exploring the beautiful scenery of the West Coast, I enjoy seeing live music of all types, doing acrobatic yoga, and helping others save money!
rockmallFeb 19, 2016
Europe yea..thanks for the insight on how to save!
spillsspotFeb 02, 2016
Definitely going to look into booking a Europe vacation!