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Uber Is Making Dramatic Changes, $2 Rides In Major Cities?

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September 05, 2016 · 3.2k Views


Uber just recently launched something pretty cool and possibly something we’ve been dreaming of since we woke up the next morning to find that the 15 minute ride home on New Year’s Eve + surge charge = $200 poorer. There was a lot of pain and anger that day but let us not reminisce too long.

According to Forbes, Uber is now offering riders a subscription-based type program (think Netflix for Uber) where you can pay a flat rate monthly fee in exchange for X amount of rides. This pilot program called “Uber Plus”, is currently only available in select cities. Uber Plus promotions and flat rate offerings are different for each city and you’ll have to keep an eye on their designated zone within each city for which Uber Plus flat rate fare is valid.

Unlike a regular subscription program, it seems that you are not enrolled into auto-pay every month as the flat rate offer could change from month to month so if you’re too late for this month’s deal, simply wait for next month’s offer to pop up! Below are cities that are eligible for Uber Plus and their September deal:


  • Boston - $40 flat fare for up to 20 or $75 for up to 40 uberPOOL rides. You’ll only pay $2 per ride on uberPOOL.

  • Washington D.C. - $30 flat fare for up to 20 trips. With the flat fare, you have the option for $1 uberPOOL or $9 uberX.

  • Miami - $30 flat fare for up to 20 trips. You’ll only pay $5 per ride on uberX.

  • San Diego - $20 flat fare for up to 20 trips. With the flat fare, you have the option for $3 on uberPOOL or $6 on uberX.

  • Seattle - $49 flat fare for up to 20 trips. With the flat fare, you have the option for $3 per ride on uberPOOL or $8 per ride on uberX.

  • San Francisco - $20 flat fare for up to 20 rides or $30 for up to 40 rides. With the flat fare, you have the option for $2 per ride on uberPOOL or $7 per ride “when your trip begins and ends north of Cesar Chavez St. in San Francisco. 2016-08-29 13-47-28.png


There is a limit to how much flat fare packages can be purchased since Uber Plus is still in Beta mode for select cities so just keep that in mind for next month’s package if you’ve missed this month’s!

Based on current locations that are running Uber Plus, it seems Uber will focus their Beta program in bustling cities for now. If you’re a city dweller and rely primarily on walking, public transportation or on-demand car ride services, this is an amazing deal for your daily commute!

However, there are still some restrictions that comes with Uber Plus. Forbes notes that Uber will still track your ride by time and distance. For the flat fare you pay, it will only cover uberPOOL rides up to $20 and uberX rides up to $25 (again, within those designated zones from each city), if the time and distance for your ride is more than that limit, you’ll have to pay the difference. Fortunately though, as Uber notes in their FAQs under “What are flat fares” section, if you’ve purchased the flat fare rate, it won’t be affected by surge pricing so long as your package and the ride is within the eligible destination zone. (So that's kind of a win right?).

In other news, if you're a college student, you can now enter this Uber Sweepstakes for a chance to win a semester of free Uber rides ($1,600 value)! One Uber winner will be selected from each participating state and your deadline to sign up is on September 7, 2016 at 11:59pm. You can click here to find out how to enter and see the full list of states eligible. 


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