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Walmart Back to School Shopping Guide

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August 20, 2016 · 6k Views

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The end of summer is near and we have no doubts that parents and students are on the hunt for some back to school budget deals right now. Whether you’re a parent or student, don’t rush and don’t procrastinate on back to school savings! If you haven’t started yet, we highly suggest making a list of school supplies as well as tech buys that you need to get you prepared.

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As one of the leading retailers nationwide, Walmart offers some budget friendly in-store back to school deals. Schools across the country are increasing their efforts to incorporate technology into their lesson plans making it more efficient for students to access textbooks, take lessons, complete homework exams and assignments on the web. Provided that majority of school materials are available in digital format, that also means students are able to gain access their education from one central location and that flexibility is welcomed by students, parents and teachers alike. Not to mention, the accessibility to laptops will provide students limitless opportunities for thousands of free courses and educational games which greatly expands learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. 

So if you're hunting down back to school deals you’d rather get it done efficiently, on a budget, and all in one go, take a look at these top back to school deals Walmart currently offers. Check off your entire shopping list and enjoy the rest of your summer!


Best Back to School Tech for All

If you’re planning to clear your shopping list at Walmart, don’t forget that they’re also hosting some affordable laptop deals for Walmart Back to School sales! Here are some top selling options that are great for home or classroom use and best of all, it comes with a price tag that's easy on the eye (and wallet). 

This range of laptop PCs share similar computing power as certain Chromebooks but have a larger monitor and are ideal for all students but especially for those who rely heavily on laptops to access digital textbooks or text heavy study materials. These are great budget friendly options for all students over a traditional desktop PC and our first option, the Acer Granite Gray, comes highly recommended from teachers across the country at only $179. Those in need of more memory space and a greater hard drive to run heavier programs can also opt for the HP Flyer Red. 

Acer Granite Gray 15.6" Chromebook PC
: $179 (orig. $199)
Features: Intel Celeron N2830 Dual-Core Processor, 2GB Memory, 16GB Hard Drive and Chrome OS
This is available exclusively at Walmart and is one of the top performing laptops used in classrooms right now!

HP Flyer Red 15.6" Laptop PC
: $299
Features: Intel Pentium N3540 Processor, 4GB Memory, 500GB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home


These laptops are smaller than your average laptops but packs a punch and are perfect for kids to use at home or school. Most chromebooks weigh an average of 3 pounds so they're perfect for students to carry to and from school in their backpacks! Some options below can also double as a tablet which becomes handy during travels and long car rides. Check out these best picks and shop from the options below:

ASUS Silver 10.1" Flip Chromebook PC
: $308.92
Features: Rockchip 3288-C Quad-Core Processor, 4GB Memory, touchscreen, 16GB SSD and Chrome OS


HP 11" Stream Laptop PC
: $179
Features: Intel Celeron N3050 Dual-Core Processor, 2GB Memory, 32GB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home with 1-year of Microsoft Office


Hisense Chromebook 11.6”
: $129 (orig. $199)
FeaturesRockchip RK3288 Cortex A17 Quad-Core, 2GB Memory, 16GB Hard Drive


Acer Denim White 11.6" Chromebook PC
$259 (orig. $299)
FeaturesIntel Celeron N3150 Processor, 2GB Memory, touchscreen, 32GB Hard Drive and Google Chrome


Samsung Metallic Black 11.6" Chromebook 3 PC
: $219 (orig. $249)
Features: Intel Celeron N3050 Processor, 4GB Memory, 16GB eMMC Drive and Chrome OS




We didn’t forget about you! For those who needs more memory, speed and power, expect a mid-tier gaming laptop to run you $900 to as high as $2000. If you’re looking for better computing and greater memory storage for your laptop (not to mention durability), save up some money and be prepared to drop some cash for these laptops. We recommend careful selection and keep in mind, quality over price! Either way, you’ll be paying a lot more compared to the average laptop users so do your research to get the most out of your expense. Some top brands of gaming PCs we recommend:






Share your experience and enter Walmart's Parent2Parent Contest!

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We also want to give a shout out to Walmart’s Parent2Parent program made up of parents just like you who want to reach out and leave some helpful tips and reviews to help you out with your shopping. You can join this community and share your own reviews too! For every review you make, you’ll be given an opportunity to win a $50 Walmart eGift Card so it’s a win-win.

Looks like you have a lot of deals to sift through but whether you’re shopping online or in-stores, Walmart is definitely a hassle-free destination for you to get all your back to school shopping done. If you have a chance, take some time to reach out and leave a review via Walmart Parent2Parent so we know what’s a hit or miss!



Last but not least, if you’re shopping in-stores at Walmart, keep an eye out for a school supply list stand! Not all Walmart may carry it but for those that do, it's a neat list of school essentials sorted by grade and school to help make your shopping easier. 

Happy back to school shopping everyone and have a good rest of your summer!


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