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11 YouTube Cooking Channels to Transform Your Meals

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April 28, 2017 · 2.4k Views

If you're not one for cookbooks or if you're more of a visual learner, cooking channels on YouTube might be your new best friend. Learn a bunch of new, delicious recipes to surprise your guests or even yourself. Subscribe to these YouTube cooking channels to change the way you feast!

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11 YouTube Cooking Channels to Transform Your Meals chef's hat icon

1. Divas Can Cook

For authentic, drool-worthy southern classics and more fan favorites, check out Divas Can Cook, led by Monique. You're not going to feel guilty because the recipes are that good. You can expect new videos every Thursday and Sunday.



2. Bon Appétit

While there is not one chef that runs Bon Appétit, you can expect quality recipes from duck confit to party-ready cheesesteaks. Occasionally, you'll stumble upon food trends, hot dining spots, hosting tips, and celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay!


3. ChefSteps

Their idea is to have you cook smarter. They'll show you all the ins and outs of cooking like a professional, whether it's learning how to use a new cooking utensil or making delicate macarons.


4. Epicurious

Curious about cooking? This is the channel for you. Their profile states that Epicurious is "[for] people who love to eat." Their recipes and videos are creative, easy, and downright delicious.


5. SORTEDfood

For a fun, lively channel hosted by a group of foodie friends, check out SORTEDfood. They have fun How To's, like "How to Level UP a Grilled Cheese Sadnwich" and both classic and innovative recipes to waken your taste buds.


6. Tastemade

Tastemade features everything from "home cooks, to adventurous travelers, to Michelin star chefs," so you're sure to get a good variety of recipe options. Moreover, if you're into crafting tiny meals, you need to watch their videos.


7. Just Eat Life

Jen and Leo will make cooking "approachable, enjoyable, and inspiring." Enjoy fun recipes as well as Filipino dishes inspired by their own heritage, and they'll even throw in some boozy drinks and fun DIY projects!


8. Brothers Green Eats

The Brothers Green approach food in a way that many will appreciate - tasty and simple. No fancy gadgets, elaborate kitchen appliances, and pricey ingredients. Just a couple of playful chefs who know that great food is achievable no matter what.


9. Laura in the Kitchen

Although the focus is Italian cuisine, Laura welcomes viewers to submit requests for any recipes they might like to see. If you're looking for Italian comfort food, delicious desserts, and a variety of dishes, Laura's Kitchen is the place to be.


10. Tasty

If you're on Facebook, you've probably seen Tasty videos dominating the space. They're short, easy, and they really make viewers feel like anyone can cook their gourmet dishes and simple recipes alike.


11. The Domestic Geek

Expect to find delicious new recipes in each video every Monday and Thursday. You can choose from healthy meals to budget dinners to treats for every occasion.

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