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YouTube Introduces Live Streaming on Its Mobile App

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June 28, 2016 · 4.1k Views

Last week at VidCon, a hugely popular conference for video content creators, YouTube debuted an awesome new feature for their mobile app - live streaming. Facebook Live and Periscope have already been changing the way we connect with our friends on social media, and this seems like YouTube's way of staying relevant. After all, they are the video maven.

I just checked it out, and it's super easy to find and use. With just three simple clicks, I was able to watch a live feature. 


The live streaming feature is located under the Trending tab, titled "Live."

Source: YouTube

Once you click into it, you'll see a vast selection of live streams.

Source: YouTube

I chose Collider Movie Talk, and after a short commercial, here's what I saw.

Source: YouTube

It had been going on for about half an hour already by the time I started watching. I have to say, I'm surprised it took YouTube this long to incorporate live streaming. Regardless, I think it's going to be a popular option for video creators - I'm thinking live Q&A's with the help of social media, experiments, first-time impressions, etc. Let us know what you think about YouTube's new live streaming!


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