Candy Land

Price has gone up,but still a good deal. Limited time offer

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What's the matter?
StaciaJ Apr 22, 2013
THE GAME OF ALL CHILDHOODS. This was/is the best game. Thanks for the share :)
dealio23 Mar 24, 2013
I know so many people who love this game. Awesome price on it, thanks!
s_m1978 Mar 24, 2013
Plz let me know how to get this price I am getting $6.99 after coupon.
tpark6283 Mar 24, 2013
I see the shoprunner free shipping, but the coupon code only takes off $ I missing something?
Jazmine_ilene Mar 24, 2013
awesome price for this Candy Land game! My brothers and I still play this for the fun of it. You're never too old for these types of board games lol
krmills1 Mar 24, 2013
Great price, cheapest I have seen for this game!! Everyone loves to play Candyland!! :)
nimase85 Mar 24, 2013
It works with free shopprunner shipping but It is showing up as $6.99 in my cart after coupon too bad :/
LokaFreeThings2 Mar 24, 2013
Games are usually so much more. My cousin collects games so I'll tell her about this deal:)
Dexterous Mar 24, 2013
good one from candy land
grandma5 Mar 24, 2013
Tried & True Candyland, & at this price no problem when the kids loose all the pieces. Thanks.
newjerseychickxo Mar 24, 2013
I just ordered 2 games. I choose store pick up. Cost me $4.26 for 2 games. Awesome. Thank you:)
deby32953 Mar 24, 2013
Amazing deal! Just gotta find out if the grand babies have it yet!
seanvcxz Mar 24, 2013
This is pretty much everybody's favorite game growing up! There are different variations now, but nothing is as good as this one.
blt995 Mar 24, 2013
10.00 shipping
littlexu Mar 24, 2013
Great price for this family fun game. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
blackfoot Mar 24, 2013
Just ordered this one and the chutes and ladders game for the grandkids.
FibroMom Mar 24, 2013
Always been a favorite of mine to play with the little ones! Fantastic deal! Thanks for sharing this and the great code! :)
THartz606 Mar 24, 2013
Amazing price for the game. I'll be picking it up for my niece and little brother. Thanks for the post.
supermawmaw4 Mar 24, 2013
Wow what a good price all kids love candy land
branie Mar 24, 2013
WOW WOW, passing this along. Under $2 is fabulous!!
lauchremi Mar 24, 2013
holy cow! nice!!!
Mawhen Mar 24, 2013
Awesome deal! Can't believe this would only be $2! This is one of my granddaughter's favorite games. :)
rockinnrolla Mar 24, 2013
DANG I just ordered this at $3.99 the other day... What an awesome price it is now!
branie Mar 20, 2013
Just a good buy and I have shoprunner, can't say no on this, thanks
glwrks Mar 19, 2013
Nice coupon + it's Shoprunner eligible!:)
glwrks Mar 24, 2013
WOW! Now only 2 bucks shipped! This will go on my shelf for grandbaby visits.
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mikhaila Mar 19, 2013
man, I use to LOVE candy land. Im pretty sure I still would if I played it again. It's been years, always bring out the kid in me.
cbstrick Nov 07, 2010
I got an e-mail that it's now $1 after rebate!
akaricke Nov 10, 2009
Price drop now $1.99 after rebate
dvinegrace83 Dec 17, 2008
Everyone loves candyland! What's the cheapest you've seen this though? I wonder...I swear I've seen it for dirt cheap at stores, but I could've just been imagining.
Dec 17, 2008
The characters are adorable and it is a really cute game!!