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The HTC Artemis is HTC's first cellphone with on-board GPS, saving you the hassle of having to attach an external GPS unit for driving directions. No slide-out QWERTY on this one, but it does have a 2-megapixel camera, WiFi, microSD, TI OMAP 850 200MHz CPu, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and 64MB of on-board storage.This review of the HTC Artemis (codename) is also the second article on the device, which the company HTC not only produced, but under his own label as the HTC P3300 and sells. P3300 again honored as the dominant green color témátek on i headings on the box, but if you do not like green, you can buy Artemis from another company under another name. Just beware that there is a very similar device labeled as the HTC Hero (sold such as T-Mobile MDA Compact III), which, however, does not offer WiFi module.HTC have been the largest manufacturer of smart-phones operating on a mobile Windows platform for years and are leaders in the segment with a huge share of the market. They are the manufacturer who leads the others and dictates the rules by their innovations not only for the Windows Mobile phones but for the other smart-phones, too. This brand is not very popular yet among the people who are not deeply interested in the highest phone class since its products have been offered for years under the names of other brands and carriers only, including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Among the brands whose lines have been entirely built on HTC phones are i-mate and Qtek.The Artemis is a slim PocketPC mobile device with the added benefit of built in GPS. There have been rumours that the GPS element would be disabled initially as there were some firmware problems discovered late in the manufacturing process that caused a conflict between the GPS and GSM modules. However, this seems to have been just a rumour as the GPS is up and running on the review models.
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