CompUSA to Close All Stores

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What's the matter?
tc1uscg Dec 09, 2007
Pepole keep saying WW put CrapUSA in a bad way. That's like saying 7Eleven is putting Kroger in the same position. Yep.. just can't compete with those cheap big gulps or frozen taco's.
spkthed Dec 09, 2007
Gotta stay flexible in todays business world. Unless you're growing and innovating you're going to get left behind the stores that can sell better. I'd chalk this up to a win for Walmart's awesome inventory sales system and their buying power combined with the online stores really taking off.

Compusa tried to bridge those worlds but didn't adapt.
Pandolar_Bear Dec 08, 2007
I've had some pretty bad customer service issues with them... must've been because their employees were treated like crap...
junglejack Dec 08, 2007
I find this to be bad news, I really liked compusa. Yet another victom of wallyworld. I sure hope the big CC doesn't go this route.

Oh and I guess now would not be a good time to buy merchandise with rebates thru them.
tc1uscg Dec 08, 2007
No.. Wallyworld isn't even in the same category so not sure what your smoking but you need to put it down and step away. CrapUSA couldn't compete with BestBuy or Circuity city or online re-sellers once every house had 1 or more PC's. I don't think you could buy a can of pop without having to deal with a rebate. I stopped shopping CrapUSA a few years back when they never had what I was looking for (in the ads) and it's staff was a bunch of 20 something aholes. The writing was on the wall 4 years ago. Now, if Circuit City would just follow behind them.. I'll be happy.
junglejack Dec 09, 2007
WOW...You're right, I put the crap down and I can see much more clearly now. WW has had no effect on local merchant economies, and comp should have hired much more tech savvy 60 something aholes. And I'm sure they are the only merchants that run out of advertised specials, damn hell. Nice to read such intelligent posts.
tc1uscg Dec 09, 2007
Yep.. Pretty much on target compaired to your stupid remark(s)/finger pointing. What did you study in school.. beer making or meth lab 101? Another brainwashed fool who thinks WW is to blame for everything from global warming to failed shuttle missions. Here's repeat newsflash. WW didn't kill CUSA.. they killed themselves. And I don't know too many 60 somethings working for CrapUSA.. They all work at walmart.. ;-)
chicagolefty Dec 08, 2007
yeah i agree

since they screwed up one obviously important persons order, thousands of people should lose their jobs

sure serves them right

oh by the way, sarcasm
ham3cheese Dec 07, 2007
serves em right :p
screwed me outa last yrs "secret deal" 61' hdtv

i bought it, then when i came to pick it up they said "oops, we sold too many on the east coast" =[ =[