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What's the matter?
hagathna May 28, 2007
Nevermind, I feel like an idiot, lol.
Just figured it out myself.
nimrodboy3 May 28, 2007
Don't feel like an idiot. It took me a little while to get used to, but now that I kinda' have the hang of it, I really like it =).
hagathna May 28, 2007
I did download it but I do not see it working and I don't see any icons to mouse over for a preview.

Can you help tell me what to look for?
hagathna May 28, 2007
Just downloaded it now, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna go try it now.
nimrodboy3 May 25, 2007
I've been using this program for a while now. It's really helpful. Firefox was great with the opening of a new tab with the click of the wheel on the mouse, but this program aloud me to even skip that function. Also with the new updates, there's a few new features to the program that make this one a keeper for me =). Hope you enjoy it.