SHIPS FREE | Totes Trunk Extender with Safety Light & Box Cutter

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Whether you're moving, shopping, or driving large items around, sometimes your trunk space just isn't enough. That's where this handy device comes in. It gives you a little extra room that's secure.

The trunk extender works by securing to the top and the base of your trunk to create a tension-based shield to prevent your items from falling out. It's perfect for every make of car and nearly every size of item.

The attached light can help alert other drivers, and you'll love taking advantage of the built-in box cutter, too.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that whatever your cargo is, it's safe and secure with the trunk extender! Pick one up today!

-Built-in box cutter
-Extends your track's capacity for large objects and boxes
-Flashing amber light alerts other drivers in an emergency
-Secures to top and base of trunk easily
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