Burger King - 12 Printable Coupons

* $7.99 Whopper Meal for 2
* BOGO Free Chicken Parm Sandwich
* BOGO Free Croissan'wich
* $5.99 Breakfast for 2
* $7.99 Whopper Meal for 2
* $6.99 Chicken Nugget Meal for 2
* BOGO Free Whopper
* BOGO Free Original Chicken Sandwich
* $3.99 for 2 Whopper Jr's + 2 Small Fries
* $4.99 for 2 Chicken Sandwiches + 2 Small Fries
* $9.99 BK Bundle
* BOGO Free Real Fruit Smoothie
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What's the matter?
mnvikings11 Sep 02, 2012
They are building a new BK in our area, so we have to drive to the other 1 that's a little out of the way.
themoneyman1113 Sep 01, 2012
Great coupons. Thanks. I have choices with this list and I like that.
tpark6283 Sep 01, 2012
Great find, and great coupons! Like a few of their newer items but the mr loves the whopper! Thanks!
arsiel Sep 01, 2012
Going to have to keep these coupons saved somewhere (: I missed it when they used to mail little packets of coupons to my house
fluffy Sep 01, 2012
I have had no luck with print-at-home fast food coupons in my area. McDonald's & Wendy's flat out refuse them, even if I get them via their own web sites or official E-mails. KFC coupons from this site are hit or miss, depending on if their register is programmed with the codes shown on the coupons. They'll accept some and reject others from the same sheet. Subway even rejected an SMS coupon in the same restaurant that advertised it! I never tried any printables from BK though, so maybe I'll give it a try.
glwrks Sep 01, 2012
WOW! Offer expires on 11/04/12...but hoping I can use one @ the nearest BK tomorrow. Need to do some errands, I'll see if they are "participating".
glwrks Sep 02, 2012
Update: luckily we were able to get a discount today...the BK we went to would not accept the printed/copied coupon, but one of the employees graciously gave us one they received but could not use. (I printed in black ink only, so you may want to try full color) The couple in front of us had the "glossy" original coupon, and had no problem. The cashier said she got the "glossy" type in the mail.
My husband was about to cave, as I waited patiently, as the back room conferred...maybe they checked their own website?;) So worth a shot, but be prepared.
FibroMom Sep 01, 2012
Thanks - printed them out and am going to treat hubby to the breakfast for 2 tomorrow morning - we shall go down to the bay and watch the water while we enjoy our food - with the coupon - cheap and wonderful date! :)
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YesBoss Sep 01, 2012
Good Find, Lot Of Food. Thanks For Sharing The Post.
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