Ruff Hewn Set of 3 Cast-Iron Frying Pans

$1 drop

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Set includes one 6", 8" and 10" fry pan
Preseasoned, which makes it ready to use
Extremely durable cast-iron construction
Heats up quickly and evenly
Each pan has excellent heat retention
Handle has a hole you can use to hang the pan
Oven and broiler safe up to 500°F
Hand wash recommended
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What's the matter?
rockinnrolla Nov 02, 2013
Alive again!
ashrecmech Oct 30, 2013
srborges Oct 30, 2013
@ashrecmech thanks for the heads up
rockinnrolla Oct 30, 2013
$1 drop!
chuckydealpl Mar 19, 2013
this is a good deal. i have a similar lodge 3 piece set i paid $10 for many, many years ago and they are black and seasoned. these will last forever, they get better with each use, just dry after washing.
Jazmine_ilene Mar 19, 2013
Very nice price for this set!!! I will be passing this along. Thanks =)
zoneric Mar 19, 2013
cast iron frying pans are largely used in my family. they are very good.
ancagavs Mar 19, 2013
we do not use cat iron frying pans. maybe it's time we did :)
alecupope Mar 19, 2013
great price. we don't have a set like this.
pbooter Mar 19, 2013
Not all cheap quality is bad, I think this is good,the price is not high.
MrBklynW Mar 19, 2013
awesome for a 3 pc set. nice find
dvinegrace83 Mar 18, 2013
Nothing retains heat better than a cast iron pan. Im impressed u get 3 for that price.
blackfoot Mar 18, 2013
Nice set, these pans last forever.
ancagavs Mar 19, 2013
@blackfoot that is until you find a better deal and want those too :)
DealLeader Mar 18, 2013
Interesting deal. Wonder how good they are.
iowahawkeyes Mar 18, 2013
I wonder how the quality is..... 16 bucks kind of makes me question the quality. It could be a good deal, but you always have to check first.
zoneric Mar 19, 2013
@iowahawkeyes how about the reviews? what do people say about them?
chuckydealpl Mar 19, 2013
@iowahawkeyes decent reviews. i haven't come across a bad set yet and i have 3 different brands. just make sure you dry them after use and they should last indefinitely.
poe601 Mar 18, 2013
Awesome price for set of three. Nothing like cooking in a cast iron pan. Great with free shipping.
tpark6283 Mar 18, 2013
Awesome price for this set! Love using cast iron
bbattag Mar 18, 2013
Good deal on cast iron pans. Keep in mind they are usually heavy though
backspace Mar 18, 2013
I haven't used cast iron frying pans..price seems reasonable to give it a try..
YesBoss Mar 18, 2013
Nice Find, Very Good Price For Set of 3 Cast-Iron Frying Pans .
glwrks Mar 18, 2013
Cast-Iron pans are a lifetime investment...Fantastic price, and Free shipping on such a heavy item is great!
Dexterous Mar 18, 2013
Not bad for three pcs
LokaFreeThings2 Mar 18, 2013
Awesome price for cast iron! Can't beat the cast iron skillet!
seanvcxz Mar 18, 2013
That's cheap money for cast iron frying pans. Some people love cooking on those.
FibroMom Mar 18, 2013
Super price for a set of 3 cast iron pans! Hubby loves cooking with cast iron - may have to grab this set for him. :)
solowkoe Mar 18, 2013
great price and it doesn't hurt to have extras that are nice. thanks.
rockinnrolla Mar 18, 2013
Super price for this 3 piece set! I can always use some new pans! :D
Mishumoshu May 30, 2012
Very nice set for our cuisine. Thanks.