For A Free Bag Of Lindor Truffles (Via Facebook Coupon)

Must have a facebook account to get coupon
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branie Oct 15, 2012
Walmart took the coupon, no issues. It states up to $3.99. Walmart sold them for $3, so great coupon, nice savings. Both hubby and I had a coupon.
nimase85 Oct 10, 2012
I got two from both of my facebook accounts and they where both great the coupon said good up to a $3.99 value and they are on sale at that price for one bag at walgreens this week
glas2007 Oct 10, 2012
Local Stop & Shop took it with no problems.
Nerivajoop1620 Oct 10, 2012
Great Deal!!!...I love lindor truffles chocolates.Thanks for sharing!!!
MrBklynW Oct 09, 2012
now that is awesome, these are my favorites! so damn good!
dvinegrace83 Oct 09, 2012
I hope this works! I can pop these things like tictacs!
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sxwalke Oct 09, 2012
Walmart took one from me and my three kids :) Yummy
shimisi Oct 09, 2012
Sweet deal, literally :) Thanks! Looks like they have 1 million coupons available. Their page currently has 712k likes.
This coupon is only good for use towards 1 (one) complimentary bag of LINDOR truffles, 6 oz. or less.
blackfoot Oct 09, 2012
Great offer, Lindor chocolates are expensive.
RedHeadSaver Oct 09, 2012
Woo hoo! Free chocolate that I don’t have to trick or treat for 
scaryscample Oct 09, 2012
Log into fb, complete form, print coupon, EZ
aznballa161 Oct 09, 2012
nice, worked for me. easy to print. free chocolate is the best chocolate
boricua1 Oct 09, 2012
I love chocolate and I will be jumping on this deal ..thanx
cwirth615 Oct 09, 2012
Great deal!!
Florida2Texas Oct 09, 2012
awesome deal! Accidentally I close the coupon without printed and now facebook thinks I already printed it and won't let me print it again so I had to print one from my husband's facebook account!
zianeu Oct 09, 2012
Yay free chocolate!
arsiel Oct 09, 2012
Thanks! Snipped it to print later. Just took a few clicks to get to the coupon (:
juzl0okin Oct 09, 2012
Can I use this at Kroger or Walmart?
arsiel Oct 09, 2012
As long as they accept coupons, you should be able to use it there. Some stores might have a policy against printed coupons though.
shopange08 Oct 09, 2012
Not in my nature to pass up free chocolate lol.. thanks!
tanush6 Oct 09, 2012
this one is cool....although it didnt work the first time, it worked later.
YesBoss Oct 09, 2012
We Love Lindt Chocolates, Thanks For Sharing The Post.
branie Oct 09, 2012
Awesome yumminess..Printed my coupon and can't wait to redeem it :)
poe601 Oct 09, 2012
Printed my coupon fine & great freebie, thanks!
vimalr Oct 09, 2012
Didn't work for the first time. Finally got it.
hemalaa Oct 09, 2012
getting the print out now. thanks a bunch. real nice freebie
krmills1 Oct 09, 2012
Very good Chocolates! I will never pass up a free candy deal!
euromommy Oct 09, 2012
Whenever I got a blank page, I closed the window and tried again. After about 30 tries, it worked, and now I have my coupon! Thanks, Lindt!
chuckydealpl Oct 09, 2012
these are really good chocolates, thanks
FibroMom Oct 09, 2012
Thank you SO MUCH! It tool me over an hour to get to the coupon - but I finally got it! :) I LOVE these - much appreciated! :)
THartz606 Oct 09, 2012
I love lindor truffles chocolates so there is no way I'm passing this up. Thanks for sharing this.
deby32953 Oct 09, 2012
For real?? I love those! One time I bought a whole case of the white chocolate ones & ate them all by myself!
deby32953 Oct 09, 2012
What a find! It printed my pic right on the coupon!
dddsss Oct 09, 2012
thanks--coupon expires 11-7-2012
calistair Oct 08, 2012
Great freebie!
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iowahawkeyes Oct 08, 2012
A bag of lindor truffles for free?! I can't pass this up! Great deal.