Taco Bell: FREE Churro with ANY Purchase Coupon

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What's the matter?
tpark6283 Feb 04, 2013
I wish our taco bell had churros, passing on for those that do. Nice find
cid681 Feb 04, 2013
They have churros?! I live near the border and will need to compare churros :-P
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branie Feb 04, 2013
Oh very nice. I will try to get to Taco Bell soon to try the Churro.
xrjohn Feb 04, 2013
Looks like a trip to Taco Bell is in my near future.
Mawhen Feb 04, 2013
Good to know! Taco Bell will see us soon! :)
MrBklynW Feb 04, 2013
awesome! now i need to find me a 24 hr taco bell=P
LokaFreeThings2 Feb 03, 2013
I wish Taco Bell really did serve authentic Mexican food. Churros are much more delicious hen they're warm and soft yum!
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dealwagger Feb 03, 2013
I have never had an authentic churro and it sounds like I need to! I wonder how close those churro mixes come to the real deal?
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LokaFreeThings2 Feb 04, 2013
I'm not sure what they use for Taco Bell but if you go to an authentic Mexican Restaurant or have the opportunity to get some awesome Mexican friends then take advantage;) They make best food and a lot of hard work goes into it:)
LokaFreeThings2 Feb 04, 2013
The Taco Bell churros are more like chips (crunchy cinnimin sugar) The authenic churros are (larger and longer) more like a soft doughnut with a little crisp on the outside cinnamon sugar and served with icing, cool whip or chocolate syrup;p