Kobo eBooks:The Hunger Games, Catching Fire or Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins

Pick one of the following eBooks and use this coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL

The Hunger Games for $0.83 after coupon code
The Hunger Games: Movie Tie-In Edition for $0.83 after coupon code
Catching Fire for $1.16 after coupon code
Mockingjay for $1.07 after coupon code

(coupon code can only be used once per account)

Only $3.06 for all three ebooks

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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Mar 28, 2012
Okay yes it worked by creating different accounts except i forgot to gift them to myself! Ughhhh! Still totally worth it if i can figure out how to fix my booboo lol
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stevald Mar 28, 2012
I've tried twice this morning to order each of the books and it keeps telling me there is an error with my payment method - I have even tried Paypal. Seems like they may be having website issues.
wkoalmc2011 Mar 27, 2012
I really wanted this deal, but now that 2 of the 3 codes are dead, its impossible to get!
Check out: http://prestigetechreviews.net/hunger-games-trilogy-ebooks-3/ for the workaround!
ncmacasl Mar 27, 2012
exactly what I said in the post above yours ;)
wkoalmc2011 Mar 27, 2012
Yeah, my method was a bit different, I just posted a link to my article, didnt mean to steal from ya haha.
ncmacasl Mar 27, 2012
from: http://phandroid.com/2012/03/27/read-the-entire-hunger-games-trilogy-on-your-android-device-for-only-3-deals/

Comments Section (posted by Brandon Schreiber)

under Comments under the article is the RIGHT way to do it, use same Promo Code (HUNGERGAMESDEAL) for all 3 books, but...

...it will only let you apply the code HUNGERGAMESDEAL to one book (the others are said to be invalid) per account. So if you want all of your books on a single account just create two new accounts and then under gifting options for the remaining two books/accounts just choose to gift it to your primary account. I just did this and now I've got all three books on the same account for $3!

FYI, Kobo Books has free e-book Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Macs & PCs
Planecrazy Mar 27, 2012
First code just worked for me, but others appear to be dead now... ;-(
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gonnagettaviper Mar 27, 2012
I was able to use all 3 codes yesterday. They likely had a maximum number of redemptions, and the 2nd and 3rd hit the limit faster than the first.
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lrodriguez525 Mar 27, 2012
Promo codes didn't work on the 2-3!!! Help
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browniegirl27 Mar 27, 2012
It worked for the first book, but didn't work for the second and third.
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dvinegrace83 Mar 27, 2012
Ugh the first worked but not accepting the codes for the other two books now. What happened???
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cnmc5 Mar 27, 2012
not accepting the codes
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dvinegrace83 Mar 27, 2012
gasp!! i just saw the movie now i wanna read these! gonna tell my hubby to get it for his tablet!
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szpz2z Mar 27, 2012
Great find
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akaricke Mar 27, 2012
Great. Gonna get them all. Awesome price.
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Dexterous Mar 26, 2012
awesome find
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nihar1991 Mar 26, 2012
great deal on these books i could finally read the book the hunger games then watch the movie
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catchersmom Mar 26, 2012
great deal wish it was on my nook
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Ladyurbain Mar 26, 2012
Awesome deal! I already had the first one and I just got the other two. Sweet deal.
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RedHeadSaver Mar 26, 2012
I love these books! This is a great deal for anyone who wants to read the book BEFORE they see the movie.
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shimisi Mar 26, 2012
Awesome deal for all three!
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Dorita Mar 26, 2012
Sweet! I have the first two in hardcover form. Been meaning to buy the last one! Just bought them all for a total of $3.31 (with taxes)! Great deal!
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nimrodboy3 Mar 26, 2012
WHOA! GREAT BOOKS AT A GREAT PRICE! Read the book before watching the movie...that's my recommendation =). I've read all three.
nimase85 Mar 26, 2012
I was about to watch the movie but I wanted to read the books first, I was happy to see these books for this price because I was going to buy the trilogy on amazon for $19..
nimrodboy3 Mar 26, 2012
OooH..great timing! yeah..i totally say read the book first. so many times the book just has so much more depth. i have yet to watch the movie, but from what i heard..they weren't able to fit everything into it..which is expected. or at least read the first book before watching the movie..easy read..give it a few days..and blam!
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