$17.50 for a $25 Baja Fresh Gift Card

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What's the matter?
gangstabarbie May 12, 2012
i missed this deal- Bklyn can you tell me when this is on again? I just went on the site it says you're too late :(
MrBklynW May 12, 2012
i'll try to let you know if i see it again.
dvinegrace83 May 10, 2012
i love loVE LOVE baja fresh!! wish the one nearby didn't close down =(
RedHeadSaver May 10, 2012
Nice deal. THey have some great fresh ingredients.
gangstabarbie May 10, 2012
i agree- its their motto- FRESH avocados YUMM
jasoned May 09, 2012
Awesome! Their burritos are great. Thanks for the deal.
mashimaro24 May 09, 2012
I love mexican food
Florida2Texas May 09, 2012
This makes me wanna go get some mexican food right away!
gangstabarbie May 12, 2012
try their mango chicken chipotle salad- its mouth watering
Florida2Texas May 12, 2012
Sorry i can't since i am a preffered vegetarian. I only eat meat in an emergency situation or when the world is coming to an end and there is nothing else left to eat. Lol
nimase85 May 09, 2012
This seems like a really good deal for baja fresh I have been craving Mexican food latly I might have to get this deal... Thanks for sharing =)
gangstabarbie May 09, 2012
This is Alive again?? I just bought one... Let me buy another :)