Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman 204 pc. Mechanics Tool Set + $15 worth of free tools w/ Free Pickup (reg. $200) $90
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tekman2500 Apr 10, 2010
great deals like this sell out super quick.
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kevin1979 Apr 10, 2010
Seems like a great deal. I have a Stanley 42 piece (i think) mechanics set that I bought for $45 that I'm happy with, but it doesn't have the lifetime warranty that Craftsman does. Plus this has almost 5 times as many pieces of course.
kevin1979 Apr 10, 2010
Oops..checked my old email and it's a 96 piece Stanley set that I got for $29.99 on eBay in 2006...a big difference than what I initially said, haha. Still, this is a good deal.
maven3 Apr 10, 2010
I bought this set about a year ago, and I'm happy with it.

The only things I'm disapointed in the set with is:
1. The case doesn't hold them well (it tends to dump them out, so I ended up buying some socket holder bars) and
2. Craftsman quality isn't quite what it used to be. The chrome coating is a bit uneven in places and it just doesn't feel the same as my dad's set to me.

Overall though, it's a great price for a large starter set and it still has a lifetime warranty. I'd recommend it.
akaricke Sep 17, 2009
Alive again
1) It's on sale for $99.99 + tax (regularly $199.99 + tax)
2) You can enter coupon code SEARS5OFF50 at checkout to bring the total down to $94.99 + tax.
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May 28, 2009
It did not give me the 94.99 price
ellis May 22, 2009
Alive again.
pdenton May 03, 2009
smogbean Apr 27, 2009
Alive again for $94.99!!
scsibus Jan 22, 2009
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dripdd Jan 21, 2009
$94.99 w/ coupon SDEALS817. Choose in-store pickup to save on your shipping.
scsibus Nov 02, 2008
They are only giving a $10 discount in cart now. Deal must be dead?
poe601 Nov 01, 2008
Nice x-mas present!
moose Nov 01, 2008
Very good deal on a basic/starter set