Craftsman EntryEase Fingerprint Keyless Entry Pad

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What's the matter?
scottkinva Aug 12, 2010
Totally cool -- putting it next to current number pad so can use either.
ryanyoung Aug 10, 2010
a little hesitate...but it looks good, any users here?
briko3 Aug 11, 2010
I've got it. The only thing is to remember EXACTLY the angle you used to scan your print or it won't open. I had mine a little to the side and have to scan it that way each time. Not a big deal, and I caould rescan, but it's something to keep in mind if you find it "not working properly".
furquanatique Aug 10, 2010
Do note that this device does not have a keypad, which means you cannot punch in any combination of numbers to enter, you MUST be or have the person with the recognized finger to enter.
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shacketj Apr 13, 2010
Its cool no matter who you are...
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furquanatique Aug 10, 2010
The reviews aren't.
nadball Apr 12, 2010
i'd be weary of a fingerprint garage door opener:
nadball Apr 12, 2010
if that link doesn't work, try this one:
Thursdae Apr 13, 2010
But who is going to get a copy or latex copy of your fingerprint. A lot of work to get into your house. Just about as much as it wold be to find out the code
skyk Apr 12, 2010
Alive again!!
shacketj Apr 08, 2010
No longer available :(
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akaricke Apr 07, 2010
Alive again! $5 cheaper. Now $34.97
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Sep 03, 2009
price is $119 on
ellis Sep 03, 2009
This deal has expired.
Mar 09, 2009
Ok so i checked out this product. In response to the person below me, the keypad requires NO wiring. So it must run on batteries. Secondly, if you don't have a garage door that uses this wireless technology (not IR) you will need to also purchase the reciever.
Feb 20, 2009
Like all wall mounted garage door openers, you need to be careful when installing it with wire disconnects so if someone pulls it off the wall, they cant short the wires to open the door, the easiest way to break into your home. The right way to mount these is with butt connectors inside the home that disconnect the wires if someone pulls the unit off the wall.
G35pimp Feb 20, 2009
I bought one last time they came up. IF YOU HAVE A Purple Sync button on your Garage motor or your buttons on your car opener ( the remote one ) are black this will work, if not you have to buy a Reciever to make it work. I had to do that becasue my garage opener had a green button not a purple one. In anyevent it works GREAT
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Feb 08, 2009
Fingerprint technology is nothing these days. Im sure it works fine. Many stores use them at their cash registers so only that person can use it.
tehk1w1 Feb 07, 2009
Yeah something about this doesn't sound 100% reliable. I mean, it sounds kinda cool, but I'd have to actually see it to believe it.
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gonnagettaviper Feb 07, 2009
I am tempted, but I suspect this is gimmicky.