Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Digital Multimedia Device

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bossusa Feb 07, 2008
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phillies2626 Feb 03, 2008
alive again for $98.45 and $88.45 AR (exp 2/3) + Free shipping
$10 Rebate
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bossusa Aug 27, 2007
Price: $104.07
Price After Rebate(s): $89.07
Shipping: FREE
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mdsagher Jun 29, 2007
Price Change: $124.99 - $40 rebate = $84.99 + free shipping

Here's the link to the rebate (expires 7/6):
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Vickz Jun 20, 2007
Vickz Jun 20, 2007
CNET editors' review
out of 10

The good: The Creative Zen V Plus offers a cute, pocket-friendly design without sacrificing screen real estate, and the vivid OLED display is viewable from any angle. The player is packed to the gills with features, including an FM radio, voice and line-in recording, photo and video playback, and compatibility with subscription WMA tracks. Oh, and the sound quality and battery life are great too.

The bad: The Creative Zen V Plus's joystick is really small and has a cheap feel to it, and we wish Creative had included all the buttons found on the Vision:M. The screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight, and there's no UMS support.

The bottom line: The Creative Zen V Plus is a superb choice for anyone looking for a compact and feature-filled flash MP3 player with great sound quality. If you're looking for a more sophisticated design (or have large thumbs), check out the iRiver Clix instead.
vectra5 May 15, 2007
alive again for $106.99!!
shirokage Apr 18, 2007
ya man this thing really is nice
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vectra5 Apr 18, 2007
price droppd to $104.99AR, exp. 4/21!
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InfernoBlade92 Mar 24, 2007
$116.99 after $20 Rebate + Free Shipping
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johng333 Feb 06, 2007
ujaas Dec 24, 2006
NOW $122.51!
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ujaas Dec 15, 2006
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thesky Dec 15, 2006
They are not same.
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pennyfan87 Dec 14, 2006
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civic07 Apr 24, 2007
THANKS pennyfan787 FOR THE VID
utch Dec 14, 2006
This thing rocks I got one!
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