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DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod Shuffle

DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod Shuffle
1. Simply reply to this thread before it expires (for 3 hours).
2. Also invite your friends and if one of them wins a prize, you'll win the same prize.

Your odds will be increased by your activity (Tell-a-Friend ...)

Shuffle goes to gerdute. Congrats!
gradas also won since he/she invited gerdute.
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What's the matter?
biggie Apr 21, 2007
nice job winniers
gerdute Apr 13, 2007
Hello to all. I am from Omaha, NE and I am the WINNER!!! I would like my little prize to be green. And I am really really happy to have won it.
branie Apr 13, 2007
Cheers to the winners. I hope you enjoy your iPod's!!
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gradas Apr 13, 2007
Hello to all from Omaha, NE. The email from Dealsplus made my day this morning! I would like a standard white one:) I will make sure my fiancee gerdute checks in here later today.
Eve15 Apr 13, 2007
Congratulations on both of your wins!
Breex243 Apr 16, 2007
there is no standard white-it comes in silver, blue, pink, green, or orange.

leapfrog124 Apr 13, 2007
Congrats to the lucky winners! Yeah
samba3_11 Apr 12, 2007
Congratulations gerdute! Congratulations gradas and great job inviting others!
DrkBluePGT Apr 12, 2007
Congrats you two.....and to everyone else, stay in tonight, its Friday the 13th.......
nimrodboy3 Apr 12, 2007
Congrats gerdute and gradas. Enjoy =).
matrix1990 Apr 12, 2007
hopefully i can make it in

good luck everyone
DrkBluePGT Apr 12, 2007
sorry, hopefully you replied earlier, otherwise you missed out on todays, but don't worry youll have another chance the next day, and the next and the next and so on, cause deals plus is the coolest
youmakememad Apr 12, 2007
good luck to all and congrats to whoever the winners will be!
puppyshy82 Apr 12, 2007
Good luck everyone!
kvang9 Apr 12, 2007
who won?
kvang9 Apr 12, 2007
congrats anyways though. you will sure enjoy it when you get the shuffle.
Eve15 Apr 12, 2007
It takes longer to announce the winners when the giveaways are 3 hours long. Just hang in there.:)
kvang9 Apr 12, 2007
no rush. i thought you guys have some code to generate the winner, no?
Addicted2Curry Apr 12, 2007
Congrats to winners :)
makcharoenwoodhi Apr 12, 2007
AND THE WINNER IS *drum Roll* ...... Congrats to them.. even tho it has not been announced yet
xdgen84 Apr 12, 2007
nimrodboy3 Apr 12, 2007
Good Luck everyone. It's almost Friday =).
otherguy Apr 12, 2007
Best of luck to everyone!
ellis Apr 12, 2007
Expired. Thanks.
kvang9 Apr 12, 2007
good luck to all. dp is the best.
yychang Apr 12, 2007
I'm in!
leapfrog124 Apr 12, 2007
What gives I invite people and they don't take me serious. What do I got to do to make them join?? Dealsplus is awesome. It's part of my daily routine. Check the email, balance the checkbook, surf Dealsplus & stag great deals, live out the rest of the day and repeat tomorrow....Thanks Dealsplus for giving me something to look forward to each morning and afternoon and evening and night! I'm addicted! Oh by the way...count me in for the shuffle.
makcharoenwoodhi Apr 12, 2007
i agree its comes to the point where i barely invite people anymore. The people i invite are like never on this. So sad
toast Apr 12, 2007
People can be such downers. But it's their loss, really.
Alfonzo227 Apr 12, 2007
I'm in. finally. i always miss these..
odiedead Apr 12, 2007
feuerwehr7 Apr 12, 2007
lbjfan23 Apr 12, 2007
pick me!!!
jpowell Apr 12, 2007
Please enter me!
rckbotem Apr 12, 2007
im in
dezenove19 Apr 12, 2007
I'm in!
Frostassassin Apr 12, 2007
Im in!
WyldFyre108 Apr 12, 2007
I'm In.
Dandelion Apr 12, 2007
I'm in!!!
brownman23 Apr 12, 2007
Im in. Thanks
supessean Apr 12, 2007
I'm in again !!!
Hondawhip Apr 12, 2007
What's the deal, pickle?
mlee38 Apr 12, 2007
i try
johng333 Apr 12, 2007
love the three hour thing! I think its helping get more and more people involved in Dealsplus.
nimrodboy3 Apr 12, 2007
I agree with that =).
cizzy09 Apr 12, 2007
I'm in!
sumesh636 Apr 12, 2007
I'm going to get it...wooo
gerdute Apr 12, 2007
themoneyman1113 Apr 12, 2007
Nice I made it. Missed it yesterday. Good luck to all, and happy deal hunting.
branie Apr 12, 2007
Super I made it today! Good luck everyone and have a great evening.
bsgulati Apr 12, 2007
In 2 win!
grizparker Apr 12, 2007
GL everybody!
firefly_o0o8 Apr 12, 2007
good luck everyone
spkthed Apr 12, 2007
1/200 odds... worth a shot :P
dpvnme Apr 12, 2007
i'm in
rugger Apr 12, 2007
Count me in!
stumppy52 Apr 12, 2007
I'm in
Yossarian Apr 12, 2007
Nika0 Apr 12, 2007