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DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod touch 8GB

DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway: iPod touch 8GB
Simply reply to this thread with an item you want for DealsPlus give-aways before it expires (in 6 hours).

Your odds will be increased by your activity (Tell-a-Friend, Community, submit deals, submit coupons, post comments...)

iPod touch goes to phillies2626. Congrats!
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What's the matter?
calvinle Apr 16, 2008
I want an iPhone so I could watch erotic movies on the BART. Pick me!
shthap3ns Apr 17, 2008
It's too late. You have to reply to the new threads that come up each day.
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chz1864 Apr 16, 2008
great phone
stillfly45 Apr 13, 2008
That is amazing!! They are really giving IPOD touches!!

Congrats to Philly and i hope you enjoy your prize, because i know i would
vectra5 Apr 13, 2008
Great Prize! Congrats are on a roll...!
magicphone Apr 13, 2008

You gotta free iPod Touch?

Thats really cool. My friend has one and he hacked it and put all these games and stuff on it.
zhuang1000 Apr 13, 2008
is it shuffle or touch?
KUSHMAN Apr 13, 2008
This Giveaway was for an iPod touch 8GB.
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phillies2626 Apr 13, 2008
wow thanks dealsplus! I am just wondering is it an ipod touch or a shuffle because it says Shuffle goes to phillies2626 but the giveaway says it is an ipod touch. Thanks again!

I'm from West Windsor, NJ
and I will get my picture up soon
zhuang1000 Apr 13, 2008
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zhuang1000 Apr 13, 2008
or, should i say congates! ;) (joke specific to our area)
bossusa Apr 13, 2008
Congrats Man ! ! !
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xichigox Apr 13, 2008
Congrats man! It should be an iPod Touch as the title implies. Probably just a minor typo.
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branie Apr 13, 2008
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KapowZhuang Apr 13, 2008
lol my cousin won =P
puppyshy82 Apr 13, 2008
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mimo001 Apr 13, 2008
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plucas78 Apr 13, 2008
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zhuang1000 Apr 13, 2008
kapow, who is your cousin, and i like the last part of your name :)
lexx575 Apr 13, 2008
Congrats Phillies
bossusa Apr 13, 2008
"One winner will be announced via this thread by 4/12/2008" ?????
zhuang1000 Apr 13, 2008
ventralnet Apr 13, 2008
bxcisco Apr 12, 2008
I won it! Yah! Thanks DP! I'm loving it....
zhuang1000 Apr 12, 2008
where does it say you won?
plucas78 Apr 12, 2008
who won then? I guess we have to wait to know it!
wetnwild_nik Apr 13, 2008
I dint see your post in this thread. When did you reply your entry to this thread?
AllylicShift Apr 12, 2008
I LOVE iPOD!! Count me in!
bennyk98 Apr 12, 2008
an ipod touch would be great
kevinh0143 Apr 12, 2008
hmmm, it says "before it expires (in 6 hours)", but it says "expired" next to the picture. guess it doesn't hurt to try...

how about a lenovo x3000? =)
plucas78 Apr 12, 2008
Who won?
Congrats to the winner and thanks dealsplus.
Giveaways are great!
Nirav Apr 12, 2008
Hurray.. the giveaway is back.. with a bang...
tamaldutta Apr 12, 2008
So "Who Got It?" :)
zhuang1000 Apr 12, 2008
yeah, I hope the winner is posted soon
toast Apr 12, 2008
I'm really glad to see these back. Good luck to those who entered!
Maximus696 Apr 11, 2008
Ipod Touch's are sweet.
erick99 Apr 11, 2008
Archos 605. Incredible machine and does lots that the touch does not (though they are both wonderful toys).

zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
I was actually seriously considering buying one in september, great product.

Too bad its xl sized...but then again, its a bigger screen.
KapowZhuang Apr 11, 2008
I've played around with my friends Archos 605. Yes its has a bigger screen the then the ipod touch but its touch screen is very unsensitive. It 's hardrive is so massive that it makes a constant humming sound when your listening to music or watching videos.
zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
thats true, and was one of the factors that made me wait for the ipod touch to come out, but then by that time i had spent the money on other stuff like chinese yo-yos because its my hobby...

The ipod touch is much sleeker and more responsive, so it is the player i would ge if i could get any
KapowZhuang Apr 12, 2008
The ipod touch only has 8 gb for 100$ more you can get a Archos 605 which has a whopping 160 gb hardrive. If the ipod touch had more memory and was cheaper then the ipod touch would be a clear winner.
jpman_86 Apr 11, 2008
Ipod... something I wanted for a long long time...
loddvs Apr 11, 2008
I'd love 3gb pack of DDR PC3600 Ram.. that stuff you just can't find cheap anymore... oh and an ipod Touch :)
zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
Look at all these new people that signed up for because of the giveaway...i would say that this would make the idea a GREAT SUCCESS *says in Borat tone*
meeki Apr 11, 2008
Don't buy this because I'm going to win iPod touch...
hamstergirl Apr 11, 2008
Ok, everyone. The Give-away has ended. I hope everyone enjoyed it.
Any comments added to this thread afterwards will not be qualified.

Happy DealsPlussing!
idbar Apr 11, 2008
Giveaways are always fun... even funnier if you get it! hehehe, Thanks!
zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
Good luck, all [of course more luck for me ;)]
Timmie Apr 11, 2008
Some computer hardware would be awesome, RAM, Processors and Video Cards.
jennifervz Apr 11, 2008
plasma/lcd! gift cards! weekend travel!
wetnwild_nik Apr 11, 2008
I will be mad if I could get a 70 inch plasma TV as a give away
zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
also, i had a feeling it would come back today
zhuang1000 Apr 11, 2008
i would want a zune 80, or IPOD TOUCH!!!

touch ftw!
Apr 11, 2008
Wow, DealsPlus rocks!

If I win I'd love an iPhone. Makes working on the road a lot easier.
KapowZhuang Apr 11, 2008
i want one plzzz
papillonadore Apr 11, 2008
Awesome! I want one...
jutgreen Apr 11, 2008
What's not to love about this? :)
mattaspira Apr 11, 2008
daaznked Apr 11, 2008
iPod touch 8GB
xichigox Apr 11, 2008
A Macbook Air would be a REALLY neat prize, but unfortunately it's way too expensive for a giveaway, unless maybe for the grand opening of Deals Plus after it's public from beta or a yearly anniversary giveaway.

Other ideas include, giftcards for costco, nordstrom, bestbuy, etc., 1 Year subscription to netflix or blockbuster, Sports game tickets for basketball, baseball, football, etc., other electronics such as home theater surround sound system ($400-$500 Sony in box home theater system - best bang for the buck!), Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder.
zendrix Apr 11, 2008
ipod touch mmmmmm
xturmn8r Apr 11, 2008
Me want cookies! No wait, Touch!
phyrex Apr 11, 2008
Yay, iTouch.!
zhmkitten Apr 11, 2008
i want to win ipod touch or iphone
gowtham20 Apr 11, 2008
give me iphone plzz
andre80 Apr 11, 2008
i Would be really TOUCHed if I could win...just this once.
karthik Apr 11, 2008
i know i will get it..............wat i want
smuuv Apr 11, 2008
I need one bad!
smuuv Apr 11, 2008
I would like you to give away an ASUS EEE PC.
zhmkitten Apr 11, 2008
i want to win ipod touch or iphone
phildozer Apr 11, 2008
You should give away a wii. Because it would be fun.
stellarina Apr 11, 2008
Please giveaway a macbook air or a kitchenaid mixer (color of the winner's choice).
qwksir Apr 11, 2008
oh yea~~~~~~~~~please me
davekaro Apr 11, 2008
Give away some Garmin GPS units - cool! Of course, iPod touches are pretty sweet too