DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway will be back

DealsPlus Hour-a-Day Giveaway will be back
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What's the matter?
zhuang1000 Apr 09, 2008
i cant wait...

if only i knew when it would be back...
Christine Apr 08, 2008
yayyyy =) thanksssssssss!!!
zhuang1000 Apr 06, 2008
is it back already??

if not, when?
Moso Apr 02, 2008
very exited havn't won anything yet but hope to soon.
smuuv Apr 02, 2008
Awesome, thanks.
philg7 Apr 02, 2008
Snapp Apr 02, 2008
I knew something was missing in my life - thanks for brining it back!
davewavy Apr 02, 2008
Truly, the McShizzle is gonna sizzle again!!
bjlevin Apr 02, 2008
Hip hip Huzzah!
tunguyen261 Apr 02, 2008
Did this end yet? I don't know much about this giveaway.
zorba02 Apr 01, 2008
DealsPlus is the best ever!!!
hoabruce Apr 01, 2008
very nice
dpxtwo Apr 01, 2008
Great news! Looking forward to it. Thank you!
Daddymem Apr 01, 2008
Alright, glad this is back!
Planecrazy Apr 01, 2008

Who better than their latest monthly winner to attest to that! I know I won't be eligible to win again for a little bit, but this'll be sure to keep everybody coming back, as if the great deals weren't enough already - hehe!

Keep up the good work, and thanks again for my awesome prize!!!!!

themoneyman1113 Apr 01, 2008
This is great... Having the giveaways back will bring a lot more excitement to an already awesome community. Hope they start soon.the monthly ones were so "hard" to win at so I had to just stop trying to win. With all the deals posted on DP I have spent a ton of money. All worth it though. Maybe we can see a Blu-Ray Player for a prize. Well, can't wait. and Thanks DP you're the best.
lilazn_boi Apr 01, 2008
haha i heard rumors of these amazing giveaways :)
civic07 Apr 01, 2008
nice, great news
civic07 Apr 01, 2008
hope its not just an April fools joke LOL
ujaas Apr 01, 2008
haha sweet..

this is going to be fun.
Emaxx Apr 01, 2008
Sweet. Hope your not just jerking our chain.
gonnagettaviper Apr 01, 2008
mspiegel Apr 01, 2008
lexx575 Apr 01, 2008
Wow great man
Breex243 Apr 01, 2008
great...all the web-based april fooling that's been going around has turned my LOLs into *groan*s
phildozer Apr 01, 2008
This is gonna be huge, If you think the trump Tower and the apprentice is huge just wait till you see this.
phillies2626 Apr 01, 2008
haha niceeee
makcharoenwoodhi Apr 01, 2008
wow thats great news
vectra5 Apr 01, 2008
WoW, AMAZING!!! Awesome!! Great news Deals Plus!!
chicagolefty Apr 01, 2008

cant wait, always was a fun part of my day

I even won an iPod shuffle, still works!
pandarisuresh Apr 01, 2008
Wow Time...! Wow
azndailo Apr 01, 2008
DealsPlus Rocks!
ducky22 Apr 01, 2008
I'm glad it's back!
dsweetestangel Apr 01, 2008
EXCELLENT! Can't wait. =D Keep up the good deals everyone!!
puppyshy82 Apr 01, 2008
ONLY QUESTION IS....When does it start?
puppyshy82 Apr 01, 2008
yes yes yes~ been waiting for this FOREVER!!!
grizparker Apr 01, 2008
Heck yes, I am! Looks like I'll be glued to this site at work all day again...
bossusa Apr 01, 2008
WOW, what a great NEWS, cant wait, that is Hot, HOT HOT News....

Please Run Giveways again, and never take them back ! ! !
yellowth Apr 01, 2008
I love this ! this is a great news !!
gksridhar Apr 01, 2008
dealspl rocks.
xichigox Apr 01, 2008
The Hour-a-day giveaways were indeed the most exciting part of DealsPlus! So even on April Fool's day, I am hoping that this is back in effect! It's great that you can get rewarded for doing nothing but coming to their website and looking for deals, which I'm sure most of us do already anyway. So'll see me THIS EEEXXXXXXCCCCCIIIITTTTEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! if it's really back on! Otherwise, April Fools?
SugarLily Apr 01, 2008
COOLNESS!!!!! I just hope this isn't a joke!!!!
PGLUKHOV Apr 01, 2008
Who wouldn't be excited? That was the most exciting hour of my day for the longest time! Also, for those, who don't know, you get the awesomest prizes. I actually got an iPod Shuffle, which I use to this day on my weekly business trips. Thumbs up to DealsPlus
PGLUKHOV Apr 01, 2008
oh.....wait a sec.....should have read the messages below:) Sooo mean!
LeBlog Apr 01, 2008
argh..i just got excited now i am upset cause its 4/1

come on dealplus
gdog05 Apr 01, 2008
Wait a's April Fool's Day. They couldn't be that cruel, could they? :)
nimrodboy3 Apr 01, 2008
DrkBluePGT Apr 01, 2008
I sure hope not
Coke Apr 01, 2008

You got fooled because it's acutally a real contest! Or is it?
nimrodboy3 Apr 01, 2008
Yeah, I'm excited. Who wouldn't be.
DrkBluePGT Apr 01, 2008
That is flippin' sweet!
gdog05 Apr 01, 2008
Hells yeah! That's awesome news, thanks guys!