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kennyminot (L1)
Nov 24, 2012
x-posted from the thread on the same product on Slickdeals:

I am the proud owner of an ASUS T91MT, which is a similar device with a resistive touchscreen and a 1.3 ghz Atom processor. I used the netbook fairly regularly until I finally broke the screen after a botched repair job. Now I use it as a downloading machine. However, after a couple years worth of frequent use, I can say that I got my money out of it. I remember when I first bought it - which was before the original iPad - people would look at me with curiosity while I was reading on it; the day after the iPad was released, everybody started asking, "Oh! Is that the new iPad?" And I would reply, "Why, no! It's an ASUS T91MT! I was into ultraportable tablets before they were cool!"

So here's the deal. The Atom processor was Intel's first real attempt at bringing x86 to ultraportable devices. As such, it's crappy in a number of ways. Although I was able to watch YouTube videos on my T91MT, I had to drastically reduce the resolution (if I remember correctly, they would usually run on 480p). You can easily watch local content, but don't expect to get HD performance. And forget about Netflix or Hulu. Certainly, it can handle more basic tasks, like word processing and web browsing. That being said, don't expect the snappy performance of contemporary tablets. A couple years ago, Intel's Atom set the standard for such devices, so I wasn't bothered by the lag while scrolling through websites. Today, it's going to drive most users insane. Even with web browsing, it's going to feel like moving through sludge.

Plus, Windows 7 is terrible for tablets. At least with the T91MT, I had a full blown keyboard and touchpad. With this device, you're going to be reduced to tapping around to accomplish basic tasks. If you want to use this for work, anticipate bringing a mouse and keyboard in your bag. You might be able to install Windows 8, but my brief amount of research makes it seem like a pain. Don't even bother if you're not tech savvy, although it might be a cool project for nerdy types.

So is it worth $199? Nope. The problem is that you can get a Nexus 7 for $199. If you need a work computer that can do word processing and basic web browsing, you can get Samsung's new Chromebook for $250. You could even get a better netbook for a slightly higher price. I might consider buying it just for the hell of it at $99.

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