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DP Black Friday 2008 Giveaway for your Tips: NEW 16GB iPod Touch (9/10-9/17)

DP Black Friday 2008 Giveaway for your Tips: NEW 16GB iPod Touch (9/10-9/17)
    To Win, simply post a tip or an experience for Black Friday on the Black Friday 2008. (Your Odds of winning will be greatly increased for posting a useful tip!)

    *Please Do not post your tips here!

    Winner will receive a brand new 16GB iPod Touch valued at $299.

    Thank you for your participation. The Winner is ajthepoolman.
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What's the matter?
nimrodboy3 Nov 29, 2008
puppyshy82 Oct 02, 2008
ajthepoolman Sep 18, 2008
Thanks everyone! I read so many great tips that I am really honored to have been selected. Thanks to DealsPlus for this amazing site and their ability to constantly one-up themselves on each giveaway!
xichigox Nov 04, 2008
Sexxxy Sep 18, 2008
woohoo ajthepoolman! have fun with it
Eve15 Sep 18, 2008
I just read ajthepoolman's tips and they are awesome. If only I could put together a BF gang.

Great tips and thank you to everyone that shared.
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Eve15 Sep 18, 2008
Congratulations on your win ajthepoolman! Enjoy your gift! ☺
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Maximus696 Sep 18, 2008
Gratz ajthepoolman, hope you have fun with it =)
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gdog05 Sep 18, 2008
Nice! Congrats ajthepoolman!
Maximus696 Sep 18, 2008
Oh man I'm so excited for today!
big_gulps Sep 18, 2008
Missed the giveaway, but here are my short and sweet tips from my last 2 years at BF:

1. Laptops go first to the first ~20; TV's go second, but usually a lot more to go around.
2. Laptop and TV's they give you paper slips letting you know it's yours (but you have to wait in another line to pick it up).
3. Circuit City and Best Buy historically have the best deals.
4. Arriving ~8pm you will be ~50th in line, to give you an idea.
5. Know what you want. You're not getting it all.
6. You HAVE to bring someone with you. While your in line getting your laptop/tv, your buddy is scoring DVDs and all the other items which they don't give paper slips to.
7. Wear warm clothing! Beany, gloves, jacket, blanket, chair, something to read/keep you busy, water and snackies.
8. Once you're done, roll out to Walmart, Target or those other crappier BF places and score some deals there.

If you roll out to Circuit City, they do price matching! Sooo, what we did last year is bought our 46" Sharp Aquos flatscreen the day before BF at full price, then got a price adjustment the day of BF! We didn't have to worry about there not being enough TV's. BOOYAH!

Good luck you cheap asses! haha!
ajthepoolman Sep 17, 2008
Good luck everyone! This is an awesome giveaway!
Planecrazy Sep 17, 2008
Posted - Good Luck, Everybody!
Maximus696 Sep 17, 2008
Posted, Good Luck to all of you!
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gdog05 Sep 17, 2008
Just so some of the recent commenters know, you have to go here: and post your tip. Not in this thread. Best of luck!
qianjue Sep 17, 2008
xcaliberse Sep 16, 2008
First thing you should do is go on for the best deals all around. Next thing you should do is get COUPONS! After that, you would want to find the perfect specs of your electronic if that's what your shopping for. After that, go to the store and buy it! Make sure you get there early and never hesitate to push around because everybody else will be doing it.
aacidusx Sep 16, 2008
scope out the store one day before to know where the departments are located.
also, items you might be looking for are sometimes located elsewhere because of limited space, so if you were early and dont see an item in sight look around.
be in line at 3am (4am tops), midnight to be safe IF it is an item you cant afford to lose on.

Compare all the black friday deals that are leaked online, and see which store has the most things you might need. it would be better to go the store that you know you will buy more things from.

after you are done, you can go to other stores and check out things that might be good but didnt sell.
ALSO, some locations will lower the prices on things they need to get rid of after the BF rush. this is usually around noon or after.
elvis1107 Sep 15, 2008
My tip is to make sure you know what time everything opens on Black Friday because there is no time to waste.
mrkannan3 Sep 15, 2008
Initally i was thinking its not worth wating in a queue to get some discounted stuff, but i swear it will be really worth on every penny u spent on BF.
hilter Sep 15, 2008
ironman0202 Sep 15, 2008
count me in..
tintinet1 Sep 15, 2008
Last year on BF, I hesitated...and lost. Don't be shy about nabbing the best deals. They don't come around again as often as one might like!
chenfei027 Sep 15, 2008
amyshah87 Sep 14, 2008
tpatru Sep 14, 2008
omg I want this!
number13 Sep 14, 2008
This is awesome. I'm in.

Good luck to all.
civic07 Sep 14, 2008

Good Luck to all DP Members who participate
hilter Sep 14, 2008
nymosis Sep 12, 2008
Won't you let me in?
guzmania Sep 12, 2008
In like Flinn
tweety6777 Sep 12, 2008
rendraco Sep 12, 2008
Good Luck all!!
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bossusa Sep 12, 2008
Posted, Good luck All, and Thanks
luxee Sep 12, 2008
Nice :b G/L to all
hitaiwan666 Sep 12, 2008
lol i guess my comment is funny
moose Sep 11, 2008
Good Luck all!!
steffenc73 Sep 11, 2008
jpman_86 Sep 10, 2008
I hope I get selected...
Man, I recently got my ipod touch stolen from me in my own house. I only had it for three weeks... I'm still sad about it =/
benpu Sep 10, 2008
I believe it's mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Jesus55B Sep 10, 2008
thatll do
Sexxxy Sep 10, 2008
wooohoo, im in!
Eve15 Sep 10, 2008
What a great giveaway! Good luck to everyone! :)
betawaffles Sep 10, 2008
I hope we can post more than one, and you base it on the most useful tip we give.
magik Sep 10, 2008
Awesome, my tip is up there!
n2imagination Sep 10, 2008
in please
poe601 Sep 10, 2008
This is great!
pandarisuresh Sep 10, 2008
Sundevil Sep 10, 2008
I'm in!
Umagomathy Sep 10, 2008
its good
boopas139 Sep 10, 2008
is this for me ?
xichigox Sep 10, 2008
Yes! It's for anyone who wants to input any of their Black Friday tips and/or experiences. Just click on the link near the top that says "Black Friday 2008". It will lead you to a discussion page. All you have to do to enter is post a tip or experience in the topic.
shapeshifter08 Sep 10, 2008
I tried to post and it won't let me :-/