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Jul 23, 2020
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1. The carbon zero technology is adopted, that is, the diameter of the particles contained in the ink tends to be zero. The popular point is that the long-term use does not block the nozzle, which is the key to whether the compatible ink cartridge is accepted by you.

2, no plugging, no damage to the printer head, the PH value of the ink is similar to the original ink, the product has been filtered through 3 levels to ensure uniform particle size, ion concentration, etc., which can be compared with the performance index of the original ink, and fundamentally put an end to it. The possibility of nozzle clogging or even damaging the printhead.
3, excellent fluency, strict control of raw materials, reagents, water and other raw materials, and the use of advanced testing equipment for strict process control, to ensure that the nozzle does not dry for a long time, resulting in high fluency of the ink.
4, the ink quality is stable, the ink is strictly controlled in the raw materials, production process, performance indicators, etc., to ensure that the ink can be stored for three years under the condition of unopened at room temperature, and the effect of printing output can be stored for a long time, the quality can be Comparable with original ink.
5, the printing effect is good, the color is realistic. Lightfastness is good, and printed images can be stored for a longer period of time.
6, 100ML ink is packaged in a needle-shaped bottle, which is more convenient for adding ink, and can prevent ink from leaking out when ink is added. It is convenient for you to add ink to save ink.
7, green and environmental protection: the use of PP or HIPS rubber compound, adding degradation components, can be naturally decomposed, applicability, flexibility, and reduce environmental pollution.
8. Cost saving: Selecting the consumables of the firm under the premise of satisfying the printing quality of the personal and ordinary office environment can save more than 85% of the printing cost in one year.

Our product advantages are as follows

1. 100% compatible with all inkjet desktop printers.

Refill for: Refillable ink cartridge and CISS.For used in: For HP For Canon For Brother For Epson For Lexmark For DELL For Kodak printer ink Cartridge,For All Inkjet Printer that needs dye ink
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