ESPN Face Off Rod Hockey

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What's the matter?
Dec 18, 2009
I need parts for this. I already bought one
Jun 24, 2009
does anyone know how to fix the gearbox on these?
Feb 19, 2009
we just called the mfg and they only have few parts left. our gearbox (the part that the guy goes into) broke and we need a new one but they were out and do not make them anymore. what part are you missing, could maybe swap we have some extra parts.
Feb 18, 2009
Does anyone have the manual which would show the parts re-order #? If so can you share the phone number with me.
Jan 28, 2009
Been playing it with my 2 roomies for awhile now. We have probably played at least 500 games with minimal wear and tear. not that small actually
Jan 07, 2009
Do not buy this table as the manufactured was bought up and you can not get replacement parts anywhere.
erick99 May 21, 2008
pizzdizz420 Apr 11, 2008
looks to friggn small!
pizzdizz420 Apr 11, 2008
looks to small
magik Apr 11, 2008
Tiny table
magik Apr 11, 2008