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Mar 30, 2014
saw commercial on tv this morning and cannot get the free sample....false advertising? especially since the page to sign up says it is removed....i want my free sample!!!
Jan 28, 2014
Trying to get free sample but can't
Nov 02, 2012
Ok I tried ALL the rest and I mean (ALL) the
lotions needless to say they seem to work for
A day or two then wham ( and i don't mean the80's group)
I went to visit my mom for the weekend and of course
I forgot my current lotion and toothpaste ( that's another story) anyway
My mom uses eucerin so I tried it Wow for the first time my skin looked and felt
Like a baby's it was smooth and soft and it didn't look like I just spent the day in salt
water. She let me have have her bottle and I plan to get more I love it!
Oh yeah my hubby loves to hold my hand when we walk he says my hands feel
Soft and smooth not rough like I've been doing road work lol. Thanks mom once
again mommy knew best.

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