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Eve15 Mar 29, 2007
Love love love Skype! I never used their free minutes because I never needed to but I'm sure it will come in handy some day. Their video feature was in beta the last time I used it and is excellent. I prefer Skype over Yahoo messenger which is too bloated. Skype rarely disconnects on me.

The only thing I like about Yahoo is their photo sharing and cool emoticons-lots of fun with my neices and nephews. I'd buy me one of those usb VOIP phones but I'm concerned about security issues. You are on a P2P network.
Coronas Mar 27, 2007
Just bought an account...lets just say its great for many things! =)
SASniper Mar 27, 2007
Awesome! Thanks for the post! Does video too, which is good for family :)
SASniper Mar 27, 2007
Ohh yeah, and Vonage sucks. I used to have it, and it's terrible. Long distance calls, don't even bother because you keep getting 'busy' tones.
yakky Mar 27, 2007
I agree, with SkypeIn+SkypeOut you have unlimited VOIP service for about $60 a year. I use it with the Linksys CIT200's that I purchased through a deal on DP and have been very happy. No 911, but that's what the cell phone is for.
Sexxxy Mar 26, 2007
ahh great post! 3 plusses 2 u!
moose Mar 26, 2007
I agree ... ive been lovin Skype since DAY 1
ghostkeeper Feb 02, 2007
Skype is pretty cool. I use Skype out for my long distance and the quality is way better than Vonage (in my experience anyway)