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FREE Blue or Pink Bear Doll

FREE Blue or Pink Bear Doll
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What's the matter?
nayantara Mar 09, 2007
thanx deals plus.received my blue bear yesterday.thanx again
ace12 Mar 07, 2007
Thanks! I just received mine.
dragonboyz1 Mar 06, 2007
I got my BLUE BEAR!!!!!!! YAY!!! Thank you Dealsplus!
xichigox Mar 04, 2007
Thanks DealsPlus!!! Just got my bear and it's blue! My favorite color! Going to surprise my gf with this soon. Thanks so much! Here's a picture:
tigerjen77 Mar 05, 2007
I recieved my PINK bear on Saturday and it is just too cute! I have her perched on the top of my monitor. Thanks so much for the wonderful prizes!
dragonboyz1 Mar 05, 2007
I hope I get mine today. The blue bear looks so cute!!! I have to wait 3 more hours until the mailcarrier gets here.
Flaminfire Mar 03, 2007
Yeaa I got mine, and i also got someone to give it to. Thanks deals plus team!
azndailo Mar 03, 2007
I missed this...anymore cool freebies like this? =)
puppyshy82 Mar 03, 2007
I got my blue one too. Thanks!
sweetblue22 Mar 03, 2007
YAY!!!! I got my Blue Bear today!!!1 It is sooooo cute!!! Thanks dealsplus!!!!!! Keep it up! :)
InfernoBlade92 Mar 03, 2007
I got a pink teddy bear :D YAY
Josh Mar 03, 2007
sweetblue22 Mar 03, 2007
:)...did you already recieve it?...I can't wait to get mine!!! :)
swapnadutta Feb 27, 2007
When shall we get the gifts? Yet to receive!!!
Flaminfire Mar 01, 2007
he said hes sending it sometime this week
mvtran6697 Feb 25, 2007
Yeah I got the babu pouch today!...yeah mine was delayd because I put my fiance's zip code with my address!...silly me!!!....but thanks Dealsplus!!!!...Atleast I got it!!!! )
Hopefully the bears are the right zip!.....:)
dragonboyz1 Feb 22, 2007
VIN!!!! Have you gotten these sent out yet??
Vin_Diesel Feb 22, 2007
next week. sorry for delay.
SEVEN Feb 16, 2007
when do we get is really worth waiting for.thank u
henley0715 Feb 16, 2007

If I won this, do I have to send my mailing address to you for you to send it? Sorry I'm new here. Thanks
henley0715 Feb 16, 2007
sorry, I forgot I entered my maling address when i entered
vamak Feb 16, 2007
when are these coming?
swapnadutta Feb 13, 2007
Its already valentine,I wish I would have received it
firefly_o0o8 Feb 12, 2007
teddy bear!
mikeisme77 Feb 09, 2007
I'm on the winners list but haven't gotten mine yet. I won the Shuffle last Saturday and that came in this Wed., so I'm not really complaining, but I was hoping to have this in time to send it off for Valentine's Day (my girlfriend currently resides in Indiana--where we both did our undergrad/she's still doing her undergrad... and I'm currently in Iowa for my grad studies). I think I may just send her the heart frame bear that I got from from a previous giveaway (along with some candy and other small trinkets I got her) and then just save this for a later occasion.

Anybody get theirs in? Is it nice and soft and cuddly? The heart frame version of it was pretty soft/cuddly so I figured this one would be fairly similar (just minus the frame).
Vin_Diesel Feb 09, 2007
We haven't shipped them out yet. We're waiting for boxes we ordered. Once we got them, we'll ship out by Priority mail.
Flaminfire Feb 11, 2007
so what are teh chances we get them before valentines day?
Vin_Diesel Feb 11, 2007
if/only if we got the boxes on monday. sorry about it.
Flaminfire Feb 12, 2007
Did you get them today !? I hope you did, cauz i already have someone in mind to give this to, i gave the other bear/frame doll to my mom.
Vin_Diesel Feb 12, 2007
Sorry. Maybe, next week. We just got email saying they just shipped.
toast Feb 06, 2007
Will this arrive in time for Valentines?
Flaminfire Feb 07, 2007
Yes, it will =)
puppyshy82 Feb 04, 2007
What does the green plus mean for each memeber/item?
paulag Feb 03, 2007
i really want a blue want, because i want to give it to my son for valentines day
Flaminfire Feb 03, 2007
Its easy, just invite one person!
dragonboyz1 Feb 03, 2007
do we get to pick a color?? or is it a surprise?
super_black Feb 02, 2007
on my profile page it says You have invite 1 user to win free bear doll. what does that mean because i did have new invites?
Darq Feb 02, 2007
Wow, this would make a great gift.
wttjh1 Feb 01, 2007
Good deal!!!
wwong131 Feb 01, 2007
i registered 2 ppl but somehow im not on the list...
dont kno if it expired or something
mikeisme77 Feb 01, 2007
You have to click the "Tell a Friend" link and then submit your address (even if you've submitted your address in a different contest). Then you should be on the winner list.
nikmash232 Feb 01, 2007
hii i want one
super_black Feb 01, 2007
yea my name was never on the list to begin with and i did have invites.
tigerlilly Feb 01, 2007
Hey, my name was on the list yesterday and now it's gone, what happened?
Nirav Feb 01, 2007
I want it please... they are so cute
luxee Feb 01, 2007
Ok I see my name on the winners what? do i get a email to confirm or does it just get sent out to the info on my profile?

Yes new kid on the block here... go easy on me ..LOL
Flaminfire Feb 01, 2007
It just sends out to the info in your profile. Itll be a suprise in your mailbox!
luxee Feb 01, 2007
Oh GOODEE ... thanks for the reply! ;P
klawrence92 Feb 01, 2007
YES! i won a bear thanks deals plus
zeeshan1anwar Feb 01, 2007
luxee Feb 01, 2007
i feel lucky ... i'm in!
grizparker Feb 01, 2007
More Bears!
super_black Feb 01, 2007
i invited someone but my name doesnt show up on the list
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firefly_o0o8 Feb 01, 2007
i want a pink one (have a baby girl!) If i'm on the winners list does that mean I'll get one? I invited someone too but they haven't received the invitee. Should I send it again? I'm new to this site so forgive the stupid questions.
sweetblue22 Feb 01, 2007
YAY i got one!!!...So when will it be sent?.....and btw do you get all these free stuff to give away? :)
mokie Feb 01, 2007
I want one!
Chicken925 Jan 31, 2007
do i get 2 of these since someone i referred got one? :)
Nirav Jan 31, 2007
i want the blue one please.............
aseo8689 Jan 31, 2007
super_black Jan 31, 2007
i dont think that the winners list here has been updated because of all of the attention the wii has been getting.
mikeisme77 Jan 31, 2007
Do I get one for inviting a friend? I got the entry into the Wii contest, but I was hoping to get one of these too... If not, then that's fine. Just curious.
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mikeisme77 Feb 01, 2007
Ok, I didn't realize I had to submit my address again (via the link up top). So I did that and now I'm on the winner list for this. Thanks,!
Josh Jan 31, 2007
thank you for your generosity
swapnadutta Jan 31, 2007
Shall I get one?
sweetblue22 Jan 31, 2007
wow I hope I get one!!!!!
pennyfan87 Jan 30, 2007
me want