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Oct 02, 2009
You can also get a free trial at, the manufacturer. They send you 4 different 3packs of their most popular. The same pack as one of the offers from getsnus. Of course, you can do BOTH if you want more for free. Oh, and doesn't charge you shipping, which is pretty nice of them. I'm a 30y smoker (dipped Copenhagen as a teen) that tried Camel (so so) and expects more from the Swedes, since they invented it 200y ago.
Jun 22, 2009
i smoked 22 years and im only 34. tried camel's snus several months ago then started ordering swedish snus online. i can breath now. tobacco is bad but i think a lip full if much better than lungs full of tar.
Acidbaby (L5)
Nov 19, 2008
Have you tried this stuff? I seriously suggest you take this free sample offer before you buy a can because this stuff is terrible. It is not much like Skoal Bandits. It is more like cigarette tobacco rolled up in cardboard. I threw my first can of it away after trying one.

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