Free Saw Blade from Lenox

Available again

1. Visit the 'T2 Test Lab' and cut something
2. Visit the 'Warehouse'
3. Go to the 'Loading Dock' and the form should be available
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What's the matter?
chuckydealpl Jan 06, 2011
Took me about 2 minutes for both to load. It is a good reciprocating blade.
Jun 19, 2009
I have a very fast internet connection. The Lennox server is slow, with a high band width promotional video. Cool idea,, bad application. There will be many people who will have a bad experience with this web site. A shame really, as the blade looks very useful. Better luck next time Lennox.
May 07, 2009
Mar 28, 2009
Interesting site but sooo slow. Tof timeook two tries to finally make it to the end only to find out the supply of blades was gone and the offer was only for contractors. What a colossal waste of time.
Mar 25, 2009
ok i give-up tried to get a free saw-blade 4 times everytime i try to give my info it says I am locked out very weird oh well have a great-day
shopline Mar 24, 2009
I qualified to get one. Here's what I did - I went first to the test lab, and watched the blade demo (all of them), then I went to the warehouse and watched the armored car clip. Then I went to the loading dock and clicked on the box that said free blade. Good Luck!
Mar 24, 2009
really tried hard to get this free saw blade from lenox!! but could not get it!!
Mar 24, 2009
Followed instructions and even after visiting each and every department it still says I have not and locks me out!
poe601 Mar 24, 2009
Did you click blade demo in the test lab? (Right hand side of screen in test lab)Then select an item to test. You have to do that in the test lab then go to the warehouse and when doors open then just click get a free blade. You can go to either room first just as long as you go to both. I keep going back and trying it and it works every time. I hope this helps you. Great Deal Here!
poe601 Mar 24, 2009
I had no problem loading the site. I think the site was overloaded earlier and is fine now. This was a very cool website and Lenox makes great blades from what I hear. Don't be discouraged by the comments of a slow site just try back. This happens to a lot of the freebie offers. Great Deal!!! Gotta love freebies!!!
zewdigg Mar 24, 2009
not to be confused with the movies saw, or blade
dvinegrace83 Mar 24, 2009
Okay yeah, it takes a while for the page to load. It's free...why not!
stevenqdz Mar 24, 2009
very nice blade!
megaloid Mar 24, 2009
My time is worth more than that blade. You're better off going to True Value and just buying the damn thing in the time it takes the screens to load.

However, the site is a design masterpiece.
ferrarigirrl Mar 24, 2009
Super easy to get the blade. Hope it comes sooner than 4-6 weeks! Yah! :)
nomogo Mar 24, 2009
Good site, but sooo slow. Plan to have something to do while pages load. This is with comcast's highest speed.
Mar 24, 2009
if ur interested in this saw or not.. click the link!!.. that video is AWESOME!
shthap3ns Mar 24, 2009 is slooooow!
pipipig Mar 24, 2009
Loading is slow.. cut faster!
Mar 24, 2009
Lenox makes some good blades.
gettyimage Mar 24, 2009
That's an impressive site!
cthayer Mar 24, 2009
Is it a good quality blade?
nada Mar 24, 2009
Man, they are cutting cars and planes using this blade!! Maybe not, LOL.
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Ziaahmad Mar 24, 2009
LOL.. well it CLEARLY should be kept out of my hands! LOL
dripdd Mar 24, 2009
Really cool website. Not easy to get the free blade, though.