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Free TV Converter Box Coupon Program - Available again

How it works?

If you already have a coupon, has the Sunkey SK-801 Digital TV Converter Box and a Mygica Digital TV Antenna for $40 shipped
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What's the matter?
Aug 02, 2009
Has expired
kiran_uoh Jul 31, 2009
What to do with this...with digital to analogue instrument
Mar 25, 2009
If you have expired coupons you can now also reapply and get new coupons to replace the expired ones.
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camstone Mar 25, 2009
Awesome news, I have two coupons that are worth bupkis because they didn't have the converters out when I got my coupons, and they expired before I got a converter!!!
smogbean Mar 25, 2009
Here is some good info if you don't know what the NTIA TV Converter Box program is?
bossusa Mar 25, 2009
This is for all those that were placed on a waiting list beginning in January 2009.