This deal is expired!
The deal below has expired, but no worries. You can still check out available coupons and "follow" the store to receive alerts for future offers.

Free ZIPPO BLU from Marlboro Call-In or Online

2. Must be a registered member
3. Enter code 9132 when prompted
4. Also need to know your customer number
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What's the matter?
Sep 23, 2009
has to be abc1234 format
Aug 30, 2009
States that letters are needed.
Jul 23, 2009
must be in format abc1234
Jul 17, 2009
they actuley do send you the lighter but the promo code is diffrent for everyone if you type in a promo code someone else gives you they will get it if it goes threw.iv been getting a new zippo from them every year on my b-day and they send me promo codes all the time for all kinda things iv gotten one for a lighter iv gotten one for an ash tray iv gotten one for indy 200 race i one for 10 dollars on set the promo codes to set persons so not everyones codes will work for everyone
Jun 23, 2009
it did not accept the code
Jun 15, 2009
Please enter a promotion code in this format ABC1234
Jun 11, 2009
invalid code
Jun 10, 2009
Hey people, this content is going on 2 years old....DUH!!!!!! The words 'Warning: This deal has expired!' in the content is a pretty strong clue as well.
Jun 02, 2009
not valid
Jun 01, 2009
Not the correct code format
May 06, 2009
You are all dum! They need your info to verify that your at least 21 years of age you jackasses!!!
Apr 29, 2009
Not Valid
Apr 17, 2009
Apr 09, 2009
Apr 03, 2009
not known
Mar 20, 2009
Whaaa, the mean ol cancer broker wants my personal info,even though I am enslaved to their product..sounds silly to me.

If you take the time and I doubt any of you have,to read the terms of service and privacy agreement you would have no issues with the requests.

Since the new website marlboro's coupons are now issued with a mixture of letters and numbers. This code will not work.
EskNerd Jun 14, 2007
Just a thought: if this informations somehow reaches your health insurance credit report (and it's certainly possible, as they ask for your social security number), your rates may go up.
dealsnake Jun 14, 2007
I signed up for something like this when i was 18...they are still sending me stuff 10 years later and I don't even smoke!
xichigox Jun 14, 2007
Tried it, but couldn't get it to work. They sent me a promo code for a bottle opener, so I used my customer number from there, but it didn't let me do it for the new promo code. I also tried registering as new with the promo code, but still didn't work. I think this is very specific to the individual, or there may be a cap on how many can be done.
horrorfreakshow Jun 14, 2007
They want your social securuity number? This is bad!
mimib Jun 14, 2007
Can't get it to work.....frustrating. I don't need one that bad.
capecodjewel Jun 14, 2007
This site wants to know everything about you but your shoe size!

I can't help feeling that it would be like giving my licence info and social security number to the neighborhood drug dealer...

Thanks anyway :)
gorac369 Jun 14, 2007
i cant get this deal to work, i entered the code and it keeps reloading the page and displaying "Some required information is missing or may be incorrect. Please enter or correct the information highlighted below."
When i try without a code i keep getting can not verify age please fill this form out and mail it in. maybe it wasnt ment to be for me.
meeki Jun 14, 2007
SRV9132 doesn't work
You have to get your own unique code they sent to you.
meeki Jun 14, 2007

DrkBluePGT Jun 14, 2007
Thanks for the additional codes, yeah srv9132 worked for me, and they didn't send me it, so hopefully others will also have the same luck. If not hopefully the new codes you posted will work too
meeki Jun 14, 2007
Can you explain how you did step by step?

DrkBluePGT Jun 14, 2007
I just went to the webpage, signed in.......edited my preferances and entered thee code SRV9132 and it went through. I guess its just luck if it goes through?
KUSHMAN Jun 14, 2007
I tried the codes above. none of them seemed to work :(
tpatru Jun 14, 2007
Doesn't seem to be working; I registered and everything, but it told me to check the promotional code and try again.
Maleficus Jun 14, 2007
I really want one, and it seems legit and everything, but I just can't bring myself to enter all that info.

Thanks for the find anyway.
Vin_Diesel Jun 14, 2007
Check out the previous deal.