1 FREE $1.99 MP3 Album at Amazon.com (846 to choose from)

1. Click here and enter code "CLOUDMP3" to receive $2 of free MP3 credit (thanks ramana_forums)
2. pick any of these 846 albums that are priced at $1.99 (free after using $2 credit)
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What's the matter?
docdst Jun 30, 2011
I think this code expires on July 1st. Be sure to download your music soon or you lose it, it has happened to me before.
portal45 Jun 30, 2011
When you see people do stuff like this, just click on their avatar image and then "report user" on the right.

portal45 Jun 30, 2011
These all look to be "singles" albums. Might be best to save your credit to purchase two (or more during .69 times) individual songs that you really want.
mcbeers Jun 30, 2011
How about use the code for whatever songs you like? I'd rather someone just point out that this code exists, and can be used for ANY Amazon MP3 purchase. Don't pigeonhole the deal into that short list. The $1.99 album list should be listed as a whole other thread, if at all.
Jtelford Jun 30, 2011
You're right. In fact the $2 free mp3 credit was already front paged the other day. This just made it confusing.
Calvinn Jun 30, 2011
free? or $1.99?
I'm confused?