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Last Day! 12 Days of Giveaways! Win MacBook Air Today!

Last Day! 12 Days of Giveaways! Win MacBook Air Today!
Happy Holidays! 'Tis the season for awesome giveaways from your pals here at! Starting today, December 6th, and ending Friday, December 17th, we'll be giving away one fantastic mystery prize a day. That's right. 12 days, 12 prizes, and 12 chances to win.

In order to win on any single day, you have to enter the giveaway on that day in at least one of three ways. Keep in mind that the more ways you enter in any one day, the better your chances of winning.

3 opportunities to enter EACH DAY:

    1) Enter on (NEW way to enter):
    • Leave a comment ANYWHERE on (sign-up free here)
    • It can be on this post, a deal, a coupon, anywhere. is a plus too!
      • Real comments only. NO spamming people!

    • Must have a profile picture (holiday themes are encouraged!)

    2) Enter on Twitter:

    3) Enter on Facebook(NEW way to enter):
    • Become a fan of on Facebook
    • Post a picture on our facebook wall of a fun or memorable holiday moment!
      • Past or present, any holiday picture will do!
      • No spamming, and let's try to keep pictures in good taste!
      • Anything offensive or inappropriate will be removed

    The Prizes (revealed each day, after a winner has been chosen!):

    General Rules/Guidlines:
    • Each day one entry will be randomly picked from either, Twitter or Facebook
    • That winner will receive a mystery prize (prizes range from gift cards to MacBook Airs!)
    • Winners will be announced here on this giveaway page
    • Participants must be 14 years of age or older to enter. U.S. residents only.
    • The winnner may be asked to prove that he/she shared this giveaway post on Facebook.
    • The team reserves the right to modify the event rules/dates at any given time.
    • The team, its affiliates, and its advertisers will not be held liable for:
      • Any claims, damages, losses or injuries, including any third party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, any event, including entry and participation in any event and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes.
      • Prizes that are lost in the mail or have other unforeseen problems.
      • Any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting from participation in the event.
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What's the matter?
TheJammer Dec 20, 2010
Congrats nimrodboy3! Happy holidays!
nimrodboy3 Dec 20, 2010
thanks. same to you =).
victory1 Dec 19, 2010
Congrats to all the winners. This was fun! Merry Christmas to all!
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dittotweeto Dec 19, 2010
Congrats nimrodboy3. That is a sweet prize!

And thanks DealsPlus. I had fun playing :) Maybe next time, I'll get lucky lol

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays all!
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nimrodboy3 Dec 19, 2010
Thanks =)
nimrodboy3 Dec 19, 2010
oh my goodness! i'm pumped right now. i've been in need of a new laptop for some many months battery life is about less than 2 min and i just found out a few days ago that my dvd driver doesn't work anymore..aside from those two things..i get a bunch of blue screens (not good)..which suggest i have a bunch of hardware issues..anyways.

i just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to team DP and to everyone else who has been contributing to the site. it's because of you all that team DP can continue to thrive and i'm glad that i've been around to see it grow.

thanks again!!!
MHT962 Dec 19, 2010
nimrodboy3 Dec 19, 2010
Thanks =)
branie Dec 19, 2010
Woo hoo! Congratulations!!!
nimrodboy3 Dec 19, 2010
Thanks :)
akaricke Dec 20, 2010
Nice...Happy Holidays
poe601 Dec 20, 2010
Congrats nimrodboy3!!!
nimrodboy3 Dec 20, 2010
thanks =).
beverlyfor1 Dec 19, 2010
What a wonderful gift it would be to win today. Good luck to everyone
Acarone Dec 19, 2010
Congrats to user nimrodboy3 for winning a MacBook Air on the last day of our 12 Days of Giveaways! A big thanks to everyone who participated, and on behalf of, I'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!
nimrodboy3 Dec 19, 2010
thank you so much team DP...this is GREAT timing!
mellie_k Dec 19, 2010
any idea when they will post the winner?
marjorie7777 Dec 19, 2010
Thank you for posting this fun contest. Of course I hope to win, But also want to say good luck to all. 
hippytoe Dec 18, 2010
this is not happy not win
victory1 Dec 18, 2010
Are we there yet?
jamesjr55 Dec 18, 2010
NO If you ask again I will turn this car around. :)
omegafemale Dec 19, 2010
Are we there yet?
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victory1 Dec 19, 2010
How much longer? :)
jamesjr55 Dec 18, 2010
I wonder what would happen if I created a account with the name ? Would I be the winner then
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nimrodboy3 Dec 18, 2010
i'm guessing it wouldn't even allow you to create the same name..but i could be wrong =)
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omegafemale Dec 18, 2010
who won? the suspense is killin' me! :O
bvdaily Dec 18, 2010
Girmik8 Dec 18, 2010
i never win in any competition :(
courtneyssweets Dec 18, 2010
Pick me?? :)
VirginiaPeanuts Dec 18, 2010
The suspense is KILLIN ME!!!
TangerineAle Dec 18, 2010
Did I win? Did I win?
victory1 Dec 18, 2010
When will the winner be announced?
GraceurFace Dec 18, 2010
wow macbook air. thats intense. lol hope everyone has a good holiday!
dreamin2win Dec 18, 2010
Sorry been sick for the last few days... Congrats to the winners!!
Best wishes to all for a safe & enjoyable Holiday Season!
bvdaily Dec 18, 2010
Congrats to all the winners so far and Happy Holidays everyone! This was fun and gave me something to do to countdown til christmas :)
runner933 Dec 18, 2010
good luck everyone!!
donnak4 Dec 17, 2010
I would love it.
brownatural Dec 17, 2010
Im a twitter folower (@onetwomany), a facebook fan, blog follower, & member! Woot!
brownatural Dec 17, 2010
Need a. New computer really bad!!!!
brownatural Dec 17, 2010
I never win ;( if i do it is a "rock" like Charlie Brown's gifts :(

Wishing for luck, esp for the mac book
beth_w737 Dec 17, 2010
I'd LOVE the chance to win today. My brother has been begging for a Macbook.
danieldevore Dec 17, 2010
Cool prize
kevin1979 Dec 17, 2010
would love to win!
1 like
omegafemale Dec 18, 2010
yeah, it'd be kewl to have one of us "oldie but goodie" patrons win ;)
TheJammer Dec 18, 2010
Yes that would be awesome.
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eightine Dec 17, 2010
I really want to win!
jose460 Dec 17, 2010
Please give me the Macbook Air!, y Retweeted All of your past Tweets (Jose460)!, My profile picture on Twitter is a Macbook Air, so, I really like it!, and I really like you too lol.
1 like
SandylandNY Dec 17, 2010
Please Pick Me! My Desktop Computer is 8 years old.. Need help please.
boxxedin Dec 17, 2010
yes pls!
n0d0ubt Dec 17, 2010
Macbook Air!
Shariwin Dec 17, 2010
I want to win
newsomedesign Dec 17, 2010
aixitamac Dec 17, 2010
I just "liked" it on Facebook too :)
NiftyThrifty Dec 17, 2010
MacBook Air! MacBook Air! Give an "M" m, give me an "A" a, give me a "C" c, (you get the point).

MacBook Air! (and the crowd goes wild!)

aixitamac Dec 17, 2010
Wow this site is great! Coupons galore!
It would be amazing if I could win the Mac! I'm in college (struggling student!) and the monitor of my PC laptop is currently being held up by a string! And it is a hand-me-down from 2003! I could definitely use a Mac also for what I want to do which is music production and Djing. I can't afford one though!
I retweeted on Twitter, followed the page, and told my parents and a few friends already! I'll continue to help spread the word! :)
SandylandNY Dec 17, 2010
Happy Holidays! Would Truly Love to Win So Please Pick Me!

Even If I don't win, I will always Use and love This Awsome Website.. Thanks for making this fun and interactive.

I Truly Wish Everyone a Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!
amandamarie1234 Dec 17, 2010
i really hope i can win the macbook air! i'm going through a really annoying and difficult transfer process in college and once i leave my current university i'll have to return my laptop to them since its a loaner. i need a new laptop! it would be so amazing :) and this site is so incredible for all the coupons they share and offers they have
briandav Dec 17, 2010
so tired of riding the pc bandwagon and the blue screen of death . I gotta get a Mac soon . somehow someway
MYGEEK85 Dec 17, 2010
DealPlus Hope i win
alphatectz Dec 17, 2010
I would love to win this. My wife would be suprized with a MacBook air for Christmas :D
briandav Dec 17, 2010
no better deals out there for holiday shopping ...THAT WAS UNTIL I WENT TO DEALSPLUS =) saved 1,000s
grgn0501 Dec 17, 2010
Glad I joined. Didn't realize there were so many great deals.
xpooky Dec 17, 2010
last prize >.
briandav Dec 17, 2010
rupneet Dec 17, 2010
cool idea!
Viva_Kay Dec 17, 2010
Wow I didn't even realize that prizes have been given! Until today of course, the 12th day! Haha well I hope I win the Macbook Air... I'll be needing it for college next year but can't afford it yet.

Much luck to everyone else!
shawnky Dec 17, 2010
Im a liker!! Enter me!
dittotweeto Dec 17, 2010
May lady luck smile on me tomorrow! The Macbook Air sure is sweet looking!!!

Following on Twitter as @dittotweeto and been tweeting the messages.
Fanned on Facebook as Ditto Tweeto, FB shared about the giveaway and posted pix.

Thanks DealsPlus for the 12 chances! It was fun playing :)