2000 Viggle Points

You will get 1000 points each after checking in to the videos linked below

Dove Commercial
Sky Fall Commercial

If you missed my last 500 pt. commercial post click here to see it

You can only check into each of these 1 time.

If your not already a member click here to join
If you would like more info about Viggle you can watch the how to video here
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What's the matter?
ilene285 Feb 06, 2013
Awesome extra viggle points. I hope this works.
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themoneyman1113 Feb 06, 2013
Easy way to get points, thanks very much.
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shimisi Feb 06, 2013
Awesome, more free points! Passing this along to a couple of friends too. Thanks!
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branie Feb 06, 2013
Thanks, we Viggle!! Easy points :)
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Nellysg Feb 06, 2013
Cool... I'll check it out now. Thanks for sharing!
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additc Feb 05, 2013
I used to viggle, I woot when they kept making the prizes harder and harder. I got 2 pairs of movie tickets
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nimase85 Feb 06, 2013
I know right when i started i earned so many freebies and now it takes forever to get anything
chuckydealpl Feb 06, 2013
yeah, i agree. don't check in as often but i'll check this out
zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Awesome deal! 1000 points is actually quite a lot on Viggle.
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Dexterous Feb 05, 2013
So, viggle is software, the videos played in YouTube but the points didn't added:(
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zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
You have to play the video and then check-in using the Viggle app like you would normally check-in to a TV show.
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