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1. Silver Investing 101 (The Beginner's Guide to Easy, Fast and Cheap Investing in Silver) by Silver Investor

2. Flipping Houses To Wall Street: Avoiding The Death Of Real Estate Investing As We Know It by Jeff Coga and Jason Jerzewski

3. How to Talk to People: The Shy Person's Guide to Confident Conversation by Kate Kennedy

4. Quick Home Sales with Feng Shui by Anna Maria Prezio PhD

5. Common Sense: A Booklet on How Simple It Is To Make Our Country Even Better by an Oregonian physician

6. How to Join the Merchant Marines 101: The Merchant Mariners Hiring Guide "Exclusive Edition" by Robert Beasley

7. Title Insurance Tips and Secrets by Lex Levinrad and Kevin Tacher

8. Mastering Your Money by Dawn Ireland and Freebirds Design Group

9. Process Integrity in Engineering and Manufacturing by Jim Williams

10. True Product and Process Excellence Versus Fake Quality and Gimmicks by Jim Williams

11. How To Flip A House by Travis Wood

12. Tales of an African Beekeeper - Reflections on Bees and Beekeeping by Peter Clark and Jeremy Farrell

13. Reinvent Your Retirement: Renew Yourself in Subic Bay, Philippines by Charles W. Davis Jr

14. IR UPDATE7 (Japanese Edition) by Sugiyama Kazuhiro

15. Fast Cash: Flipping Used Items - How to Make a Great Second Income by Selling Used Items from Garage Sales, Yard... by Eric Michael

16. How to Write Faster by Patrick Cullings

17. arm-reich 2 (German Edition) by Uta Baranovskyy

18. Beyond the Aisle: Where Consumer Packaged Goods Brands Meet Technology to Drive Business Results by Tim Ross

19. 5-22-2013 BANK Stocks Buy-Sell-Hold Ratings (Buy-Sell-Hold+ Stocks iPhone App) by Eric Katsov and Alexander Voloshko

20. Episode of A Graceful Morning (Japanese Edition) by Mayuko Okaiko, Yuichiro Otsuki, KOSH and Yoko Saito

21. Nobody Wants to Give Money Away! by Robert F. Hartsook

22. Closing That Gift!: How to Be Successful 99% of the Time by Robert F. Hartsook

23. Performance-Driven Fundraising by Matt Beem

24. On the Money: 25 Inspiring Stories to Ignite Your Fundraising by Bob Hartsook

25. Micro-Fundraising - Raising up to $20,000 with no Money and no Time by Chad Lane
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