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1. Mustachio Gets Kidnapped (Mustachio and Puppy Grace) by Grace Warburton

2. Megan and Mommy: single parent family (The Happy Family Children's book collection) by Elizabeth Reed and Malgorzata Godziuk

3. Baby Jaimie Loses A Tooth (The Adventures Of Baby Jaimie) by Jaimie Hope, Melissa Ringsted and Jenine Navedo

4. The Lost Mariachis (A Multicultural Children's Book And A Funny Story For Kids) by Julie Schoen, Little Pearl and Marina Veselinovic

5. Fart Diary: Toot Toot...It ain't the train by Bianca Ku

6. Flame and Fortune by Brian Clopper

7. A World Without Angels (The Aron Angels) by Jamie Campbell

8. A Little Book of Disgusting Facts! Gross Out Friends, Family and Yourself! by IP Factly

9. Fun Stories For Kids: Books For Children 5-8 - Bedtime Stories for Children Books Ages 3-5 Young Children and ... by Lenny Fox

10. The Lost Fairy 2 by Linda Smart and Megan O'Donnell

11. The Adventures of Super Cool Cat: The Adventures Begin Episode 1 by Callie Cass

12. Jake Johnson And The Journey To Olympus (Quest 2) (Jake Johnson And The Greek Gods) (Previously Published as "... by James Warburton

13. Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure by Christy Tyner

14. Eli Arnold and the Keys to Forever: It's About Time by John Carter and Nathan Dees

15. Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon's Fury, Book 1 by L. R. W. Lee

16. In the Crook Of the Oak by DS Foster and Jesse Lewis

17. Happy Animals. A Children's Animal Picture Book by Gerald Hawksley

18. Caarina the Cooking Fairy (KiteReaders Fairy Series) by Julia Dweck and Gemini

19. Rocket Boy Adventure Series Book Set Two by Joy Findlay

20. The Lost Fairy by Linda Smart and Megan O'Donnell

21. Liam, Are You Sleepy Yet? [Bedtime Stories for Kids Ages 3 & Up] (Liam the Owl Series) by Luis C. Lewis

22. Apprentice Cat by Virginia Ripple

23. A Frightful Recipe (The Chatswood Spooks) by Notti Thistledore and Nela Krzewniak

24. Pinky Bunny's First Day of Kindergarten by Kristina Cardoza

25. Adventures in Dragonland by Sylke Esche and Savannah Schoonover
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THartz606 (L5)
May 10, 2013
I'll have to share this with my mom for my little brother. I'm sure there's some on here he might like. Thanks for the post.
WideAnglePhoto (L5)
May 10, 2013
Nice List yet again!! I see some great items on here for my daughter as well today!! Thanks for compiling these to share!

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