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1. 33 Ingredient Substitutions To Help You Cook Amazing Foods Even When Your Cupboards Are Bare by Christina Jones

2. Lowering Cholesterol | 50 Simple Ways To Get Your Cholesterol Down Naturally and Dramatically Improve Your Health... by Lisa Lee

3. How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry: 50 Yummy, Low Fat Recipes You Can Make In 30 Minutes by Helen Cassidy Page

4. Easy Recipes for Busy Families by Kaylene Lockwood

5. Juice Love: Guide to Detox, Lose Weight and Feel Great with Juicing - Plus Recipes! by M.D. Evans

6. How To Decorate A Cake by Christine Matthews

7. The Home Baking Glossary of Terms (In the Pantry Baking Standards) by Joyce Middleton

8. That's Low Carb?! by Sharon Wertz

9. Incredibly Delicious Salad Recipes from the Mediterranean Region (Healthy Cookbook Series) by Vesela Tabakova

10. Cuban Cuisine "Ahi Nama" Best Recipes of the Islands - Caribbean Circle Cookbooks (Organic Caribbean Recipes) by Angel Antonio Nieves Jr.

11. Decadent Dessert Smoothies: Simply Delicious Smoothies (Decadent Dessert Series) by Georgeann Wilson

12. Thai Cookbook: Authentic Recipes (Thai Cookbook By Average Chef) by Average Chef

13. Paleo Snacks - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

14. Paleo Breakfast - 30 Delicious Recipes to Start Your Day! (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

15. Paleo Chicken - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

16. The Vegetarian: Cookbook by Andrew Carr

17. Paleo Bread & Pastry - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

18. The Power of Herbs by Lynne Sha

19. Paleo Desserts - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

20. Paleo Lunch - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

21. Paleo Soups - 30 Delicious Recipes (Perfectly Paleo) by Marriah Smith

22. At Home Wagashi [Booklet] by Diane Hatsugai

23. Mrs. Batterfingers Sinful But Simple Chocolate Dessert Recipes by Mrs. Batterfingers

24. Plancha: 150 Great Recipes for Spanish-Style Grilling by Liliane Otal, Pierre Bordet and Danielle McCumber

25. Salads With a Vegetarian Variety by Mary Kolovakou
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Nellysg (L5)
May 21, 2013
Just in time for the holiday.... Looking forward to some new recipes thanks!
THartz606 (L5)
May 21, 2013
Thanks for this list I always end up grabbing a few cooking ebooks to get some new recipe ideas. Thanks again for the post.

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