| Free 25GB of Cloud Storage (New Customers)

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deal Feb 08, 2013
Awesome! Can't go wrong with 25gb of free storage. Count me in. :)
Peppee Feb 07, 2013
Fantastic deal. free 25GB storage is aawesome..
ukaran Feb 07, 2013
Nice Deal. Thanks for Sharing
MrBklynW Feb 07, 2013
awesome thanks. made a new account
Cuc_ku Feb 07, 2013
Gave me only 5gb, twice!
blackfoot Feb 06, 2013
Nice free deal for storage, passing this one along.
hemalaa Feb 06, 2013
It's very good backup option. I have 50gb I got from previous promotion for webos and android.
Dexterous Feb 06, 2013
I had signed last time, it's great storage
jkbane Feb 06, 2013
i passed this on, this too good of a deal not to share
shimisi Feb 06, 2013
That's a pretty good size for file storage space. Free is great! Thanks.
kevin1979 Feb 06, 2013
I was lucky enough to get a 50GB account a little over a year ago but haven't even gotten close to half that, so this is still a great offer.
themoneyman1113 Feb 06, 2013
This is fantastic, and I'll be sure to pass it along.
YesBoss Feb 06, 2013
Free 25 GB Space, Thanks for Sharing The Post .
zacharyzblewski Feb 05, 2013
Box is a great cloud storage system. I love that they sync with my Android phone and Windows laptop.
wdjdac Feb 05, 2013
"for new customers" so this is Free with/purchase???
chuckydealpl Feb 05, 2013
if you have signed up for their previous free promotions with the same email address you are not eligible. if you sign up with a new one you get 25GB free. where does it say you have to purchase anything?
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DealLeader Feb 05, 2013
Meaning new to them. They give this away. Great company by the way.
Killer_whale Feb 06, 2013
Chucky, you are sharp! I like that...