FREE 3 Month Trial of Hulu Plus for Select Sony Devices

1. Open the Hulu Plus app on your Sony device

2. Click "Learn More" to get code

3. Enter your email address and code here

4. Cancel your subscription before the end of the trial to avoid being billed
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What's the matter?
Dexterous May 11, 2012
This is nice find. I love to watch HULU, but at the same time, its very difficult to manage time. Thanks for sharing.
YesBoss May 11, 2012
Valid referral code required at sign up. Offer only available to new Hulu Plus subscribers. Devices are limited to: DTV-12 (2012 TVs), DBV5G (Blu-ray Home Theater), and BDP7G (Blu-ray Disc Player)
bossusa May 11, 2012
i will give it a try, thank you
ashokb71 May 11, 2012
This does not work with SONY Media player N100.
Hisgelt May 11, 2012
Is hulu plus any good anyways i feel like its stupid whats the point
johnwin May 11, 2012
If what you watch is mostly tv shows, korean dramas, japanese anime, then it's worth it. There's a pretty wide selection of shows that are made hulu plus only these days. It also allows you to watch shows in 720p which is much more pleasing to the eye on an hdtv.
Hulu Plus is there for people who want to completely cut their tv and just keep internet.
johnwin May 11, 2012
As a point of reference in price, Time Warner would charge a customer about the same amount for worse than standard television.
idbar May 11, 2012
"Devices are limited to: DTV-12 (2012 TVs), DBV5G (Blu-ray Home Theater), and BDP7G (Blu-ray Disc Player)"

Uhm... too bad GoogleTVs are not in that play.
Subha83 May 11, 2012
I have a Wii but it didnt work for it.
kffight3r May 10, 2012
this doesnt work
vimalr May 10, 2012
i have a Ps3 will it then work with it?
wannabecool May 10, 2012
hmmm... requires a referral code...
YesBoss May 10, 2012
Good news. So I can watch more shows. Thanks for the post..