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1. YouTube Social Superhero (Superhero Success) by TW Walker

2. Inside the Giant machine - An Amazon Story, Second Edition by Kalpanik S., Neha Talreja and Colin Zheng

3. The 5 Secret Buying Values: Unlock the #1 Sales Technique on How to Sell More by Matthew Alleyne

4. The Inside Guide to getting a Fortune 500 interview: What Google, McKinsey and other Fortune 500 Companies look... by Brandon Trew

5. Make Money Online: Make A Killing Online With Fiverr.Com (Make $1000+ Per Month on Fiverr) by Justen James

6. Job Seekers' Attitude Adjustment Guide by Sidney W. Frost

7. The "You" Effect: How to Transform Ego-Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers by Tom Trush

8. Simple Secrets to a Happier Fulfilling Life - EnjoyLife 360 by Bernard Kelvin Clive

9. How to get Job Interviews in 2013 - Master the 8 Secrets to getting selected in today's competitive job market... by Amber Freeman

10. The Simpler Public Speaking Method: The easier more effective way (How to give a talk using the most effective... by Ian Stables

11. The 7 Secrets of Profitable E-Books (The Secrets of Internet Marketing) by Andrew Seltz

12. Jeff Bezos' Secrets of Success by Gerardo Giannoni

13. The Internet Marketing in 2015 by Karine Heyden

14. THE MILLIONAIRES MANUAL:Become a millionaire in freedom, happiness and wealth, STARTING FROM ZERO! by James F. Coyle

15. A Beginners Guide to Getting More Blog Traffic by Tony Milano

16. Time Management for the Office by Patricia McBride

17. Network Marketing: Building your Business Right by Eric Dahlin

18. The future of the financial system: or the end of The Alchemist Age by John Smith

19. A Trilogy in Triumph Over Financial Ruin: The Secret Currency by Verne Gardiner

20. Start Using Twitter Now by Tony Milano

21. Welfare. Creation, Distribution and Destruction by Dragos Cabat

22. How to Start Your Own Gardening Business by Bruce Bullock

23. Get Started Blogging CheatSheet by Tony Milano

24. Hotel Yield Management Skills: Maximizing Revenue by Shane Lambert

25. Die Wirkungsfeldstrategie (German Edition) by Günter Dull

26. Como não cair nas fraudes que existe na internet (Portuguese Edition) by Luiz Alencar

27. Trash Picking For Profit (Recycling 4 Profit) by Deane Walter

28. The Business Plan and Beyond: Beginner's Guide Book by RG Bud Phelps

29. Blogging the Right Way: Learn How to Launch a Blog and Start Making Money by Cindy Buccieri

30. Dollars and Sense: How to Negotiate and Finance Profitable Real Estate Investments (Cash Flow Depot Books) by Jack Miller
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branie (L5)
Apr 19, 2013
@themoneyman111 Another list of books, more geared to my hubby so I hope he sees the business ebooks.
branie (L5)
Apr 19, 2013
@themoneyman1113. Edit button would be soooooo good!!!!

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