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1. Mrs. Claus and The School of Christmas Spirit (A Kat McGee Story) by Rebecca Munsterer and Georgianna Manderioli

2. Children's Ebook: Playtime with Monster by Michael Yu and Rachel Yu

3. Humongous Hippopotamus - Indoor Explorer Picture Book (Certified Silly) by Michael Wills

4. Horse Lovers Quiz Book 1: Interactive Guess & Learn Book by Kelly Gerard

5. Quiz Me-Fun Interactive Picture Book-Bird Trivia by Doug Grace

6. Mimi volume one, a picture story book for young boys and girls by Dr. Howey

7. The Flower Traube (Mystery Detective Bert # 3) by Elle A. Kagoena

8. Give Your Pug A Hug: Pug Facts For Kids by Cindy Bracken

9. Monster Land by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold


11. The Moon Rock by Vladimir Todorov and Boriana Todorov

12. Gracie the Ghost Eater by Steven Symes

13. Hitty's Spring Full of Fun (Hitty Season Series) by Jody Provost

14. Ice Cream and Spiders - A Story about Learning Two Times Tables (The Numberland Tales - Help with Times Tables... by Professor Paradox

15. Leopards and Jaguars (A "Fun Time Reading" Book for Level 2 Readers) by Susan Seymour

16. Interview with the Dracula: A Contest of Jokes by Barry Raspbody

17. Ugly Stick by Joy Givens

18. Chimpanzees (A Level 2 Easy Reader for Kids) by Jackie Jeffrey

19. Girl from Baku by Russell Bittner, Paula D. Lietz and Julie Rozar

20. What to Wear German/English (Learning Languages) by Kate Armitage

21. The Messed Up Life Of Sheldon: THE WAY TO ROCK PUKE (The Adventures of Sheldon) by Karl Gärber

22. Part Thirteen: The Clearing (Shadow Spinner) by Andrew Leon

23. Liam the lion (Fun bedtime story for children 3-6) by Sammy Tibbs

24. The Flight (Bedtime Stories for Everyone!) (Get to Sleep!: The Sleep Prompt Series #1) by Jewell T.S.

25. ME, JILL ROBINSON! The Television Quiz by ANNE DIGBY

26. Cute Baby Animals: A Children's Picture Book by Diana Beck

27. WHY THE LONG FACE? (The Adventures of Squishy Gum Bottom and HArry Needles.) by BC Caudill and JS Stone

28. Tennessee: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection) by Planet Collection

29. ME, JILL ROBINSON! Seaside Mystery by ANNE DIGBY

30. The Adventures of Naomi Noodles: The Wonderful, Amazing, Splendiferous Me by Laura Reiff, Elisabeth Rinaldi and Relly Coquia
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Comments (4)

littlexu (L5)
Apr 29, 2013
Yes, more free kindle ebook. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
poe601 (L5)
Apr 29, 2013
Thanks for updating grabbed some I want!
branie (L5)
Apr 29, 2013
I haven't see this list in awhile, and thanks for getting it back here.
Nellysg (L5)
Apr 29, 2013
I missed these list.. Thanks for the updates... I snagged some books!

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